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May 16, 2018


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Alicia (Foodycat)

The dressing sounds lovely!

Deb in Hawaii

Both the chili oil and the vinaigrette sound delicious. I am glad the book inspired you to try something new. ;-)


Just goes to show, it takes all kinds, and everyone has their own taste. I loved her style and content. I also love the idea of your milder chili oil - less heat and more reliance on flavor.


At least some great inspiration is coming out of this selection. I need to find some of these pepper berries.

Delaware Girl Eats

Simona - I didn't know that Sichuan red pepper spice is really from the berry -- hmmm. Always can learn something new. As to the Sichuan memoir, I liked the recipes but never made it totally through reading the book.

Deb in Hawaii

And I forgot to thank yu for sharing your chili oil and salads with Souper Sundays this week too! ;-)

Simona Carini

Thank you, Alicia :) I love the bright red color (besides the flavor)

Simona Carini

Yes, yes. I've become a convert to Sichuan pepper :)

Simona Carini

Agree, Claudia. I prefer complex flavors than intense heat and found a way of tasting and "experiencing" the Sichuan pepper while pleasing my palate. I like when a reading pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Simona Carini

Indeed, Wendy. I hope you find some Sichuan pepper. It's quite special and unique. And so pretty :)

Simona Carini

I also didn't know the details about Sichuan pepper until I read the book and decided to investigate further, Cathy. I am so glad I did :)

Simona Carini

You are welcome, Deb. It is always a pleasure to participate :)


Your photos are lovely.


I'm a big fan of Fuschia Dunlop, though I didn't know she had done a memoir/travel book, but judging from her cookbooks, it must be fascinating. Her Every Grain of Rice is a real treasure-trove of simple home-cooking Sichuan recipes. I love it. Lots of Sichuan peppercorns, of course... ;-) Her latest is Land of Fish and Rice, which focuses on Jiangnan cookery which, I have to admit, I know very little about apart from a few Shanghaiese dishes. Chinese cuisine is so incredibly rich and varied, much like Italian cuisine.

Debra Eliotseats

This is a very different chile recipe than what I made. Would love to try this one, Simona.

Simona Carini

Thank you, Heather :)

Simona Carini

The book was published in 2008, Frank. Personally, I would not recommend it. This of course does not say anything about her talent as a cookbook writer. I agree with you that Chinese cuisine is rich and varied, understandably enough given the size of the country, the different climates and traditions that feed into it. Two years ago I had the fortune to meet a young Chinese whose restaurant in NYC specializes in beautiful pasta.

Simona Carini

I toned down the heat quite a bit, Debra. Love the process, the result and the beautiful color :)

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