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November 28, 2016


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Well, it seems you and I have something else in common. I was a big fan of Lorca growing up, too. Introduced to his poetry when I started to study Spanish in the seventh grade, I immediately felt a kind of kinship. Not sure why since he was from an entirely different time and place... but there you are.

I'm intrigued by the idea of serving beans and tahini—I love both but would never have thought to combine them, even if tahini is made with another legume so why not?


You come up with such original culinary combinations and this one is no exception. I want to try some sort of beans with your tahini dressing and pear. I'm also going to Google that Pranzo to see if there are any pictures online. Enjoyed the challenge of this selection Simona.

Wendy Klik

The perfect dish Simona, representing Victoria's ethnicity and Lorca's long and agonizing purgatory for sins she did not commit. Thanks for hosting this selection.

Simona Carini

Poetry does speak across cultures, languages and time, Frank. I love beans and like exploring new varieties and new flavor combinations. Right now I am playing with cavolo romanesco: we'll see what happens ;)

Simona Carini

Thank you Claudia. There are a few videos of the Pranzo, all in Italian. This is probably the best in terms of giving an idea of it via the images of both the kitchen (open-fire cooking!) and the dining area: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmFdvzGIuS0
You'll see the beans at the beginning, dressed with olive oil. Then they serve a fish broth soup with rice and local fish.

Simona Carini

You are welcome, Wendy. Glad you like my choice of dish :)

Amy | Amy's Cooking Adventures

I love that you made your own tahini! What a delicious dish!

Delaware Girl Eats

Simona -- I've never heard of purgatory beans but imagine they are tasty. And you are brave for making your own tahini. It sounds like it must be quite a project


I found lots of dishes in this novel to add to my culinary world view as well. Now I am adding this recipe. If I saw this dish on a menu, I would order it immediately just to see what all the flavors added up to.

Thanks for picking this novel. I would certainly read Soffer's next book. I really liked her writing. Some of the characters---not so much.

Simona Carini

Thank you, Amy!

Simona Carini

They are, Cathy. I also like supporting farmers that grow lesser-known varieties of beans. I hope we don't lose them and end up with just a few varieties on the market, the way it's happened with apples.
The blender made the tahini project quick and I like being able to make a reasonable amount. It's usually sold in large jars and I don't consume enough of it.

Simona Carini

You are welcome, Debra. One of the things that makes our club fascinating is seeing how different people react to different aspects of the same book. For me in particular, it is important to explain what I liked or don't about a book: sometimes it's easy, other time it isn't so obvious. And of course, I love seeing what everybody chooses to cook from each selection :)

Deb in Hawaii

I love making my own tahini and need to do it more often. I love the creative combination with the beans and Asian Pear--it sounds absolutely delicious.

Thanks for hosting this round Simona and for sharing your salad with Souper Sundays this week. ;-)

Simona Carini

Thank you Deb! I'll be right over to check the roundup. Have a great week :)

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