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May 22, 2016


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Deb in Hawaii

Thanks for joining in Simona. I had a feeling that this book would not relate as well to those who didn't grow up in America, or even to those that did, but not during the same era that Flynn grew up. But it is interesting to see that apparently many of us have family car trips (and feeling carsick) in common no matter where we grew up. ;-)

I'm happy you could find some inspiration even if it wasn't the book for you. Your seeded crackers look delicious--especially with all of the lovely cheeses. I'm also happy to see that Novel Food #27 was announced--I'll make sure to get a book in!


I'm with you, would rather have something salty or savory, and rarely make cake or pie, unless we have guests coming. Those crackers look like something I'd like to make, though don't believe I've ever come across hemp seeds (other than a certain variety back in the day)will have to look around.

Simona Carini

You are welcome, Deb. This book was a kind of opposite to the Pellegrini we read in the last edition and it was interesting for me to note that. Flinn and I are about the same age, and I honestly did not expect our experiences to have been so different. Having come to the US as an adult, I have often felt that not having grown up here makes a big difference and reading the book confirmed it.
Yes, thanks also to your kind words on the subject, I decided to host another edition of Novel Food. Looking forward to reading what you contribute. Thanks!

Simona Carini

They are so quick and easy to make, Claudia, I totally recommend them. I noticed hemp seeds for the first time not too long ago in the supplement section of a Whole Foods, where I was looking for something else. Trader Joe's carries them, at least in the Bay Area, together with chia seeds. Both are quite nutritious and have become popular so I would also try any of the health food stores in the area.


I kept looking for some sort of binding agent as I read the recipe, but I guess the seeds themselves somehow bind together as they gently crushed together and then cook... ? Intriguing... ! I'm a fan of nuts and seeds of all sorts, so these do sound lovely.

Simona Carini

I know, Frank, the recipe sounds strange. The chia seeds, when placed in water, develop a gelatinous coating: when the other seeds are added, the mass still keeps together and that allows you to spread it into a thin sheet. I hope you give this recipe a try, especially if you are a fun of nuts. Let me know if you do.

Wendy, A Day in the Life on the Farm

Your cheese plate looks lovely and those homemade crackers.....I wish I could have one right this minute. Thanks Simona for a wonderful recipe.


Thanks for sharing your memories with us, Simona.

Amy | Amy's Cooking Adventures

Your crackers look just lovely!

Simona Carini

You are welcome, Wendy :)

Simona Carini

You are welcome, Debra :)

Simona Carini

Thank you, Amy :)

Delaware Girl Eats

Hi Simona -- I was not too fond of the book myself but enjoyed the recipes. Never thought about gluten free crackers but so many people have that restriction these days they would be great to serve.

Simona Carini

And you may discover you like them too, Cathy ;) They are quite tasty.

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