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April 08, 2013


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Alicia (foodycat)

This is a great dish and a really important topic!


Great post, it's nice to find other bloggers who are supportive to this cause. I liked your recipe, it's a good use of beans and staples you have around the house. Also, as you noted- perfect for multiple dinners/people.

Simona Carini

Thanks, Alicia!

Thank you, Evi. I am glad you like the recipe.


Yummy! Love your space Simona!

Check out my space for some Indian food



This is a fantastic budget! Thanks for the important links. When I have more time, I will return to check them out.


Great post - I LOVE chickpeas. Beans are such an inexpensive, delicious, and underutilized source of protein.


I have never seen a bean recipe that had dried apricots in it. It sounds amazing! Thanks for sending it to MLLA.

Bread & Companatico

lovely initiative and what a healthy and simple yet yummy recipe you have chosen. I have to stop being lazy and start boiling my legumes....

Simona Carini

Thank you, Rev. I will.

You are welcome, Paz.

Thanks, Sara. And I totally agree with you. I hope the festive recipe I posted will help promote the idea that legumes are delicious.

You are welcome, Claire. The dried apricots were the ingredient that caught my attention. I really like how they work with the other elements of the recipe.

Don't be too hard on yourself, Barbara. I am sure one of these days you'll find the right time to soak some legumes and start the adventure.


This is a great post, and an important topic, Simona. At my school, where 85% of students live below the poverty threshold, we rely on the federal programs you mentioned to provide two meals per day to nearly 800 students, and thanks to a federal grant we are also able to provide them with a raw fruit or vegetable snack each day. Chickpeas are such a versatile and economical food option.

Simona Carini

Thanks Cara for sharing your experience. It is good to know that all those kids are getting at least two good meals a day. Those federal programs make a huge difference in the life of those kids and I don't want to think that there are people who want to eliminate them.


This is wonderful, Simona! Although I'm disappointed to have seen it too late to join in this past April, I'm glad to learn about the FBAH project.

I just downloaded the FBAH posting guidelines and am really intrigued by "take this as a literal challenge. Go to the grocery store with $4 and document your shopping experience." Like you, I have mercifully not been in the position of being truly hungry. And yet, I know there are ever increasing numbers of people who have been placed in that very situation. Many thanks for the reminder to pay attention to them.

Simona Carini

Thanks for your kind message, Elizabeth. It was certainly an interesting experience to shop with a specific budget for the dish I had in mind. And it was nice to see what other bloggers came up with and also shared from their life.

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