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January 31, 2013


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Lori Lynn

Lovely Simona! You have a lot a patience!
Like the avocado topping too.


mercoledì ho comprato proprio quell'aggeggio per usarlo in eventuale preparazione di gnocchi, ma pensavo anche per i biscotti non avevo assolutamente pensato alla pasta e vedere le tue mani al lavoro è davvero bello. Bel post di pasta fatta a mano, bravissima!!! bacio.

Alicia (foodycat)

I am overwhelmed - these look absolutely perfect!

My Italian Smörgåsbord

when will they start making hard italian cheeses with vegetable rennet? can't live without parmesan or pecorino and actually I am eating some meat once in a while, I get horribly anemic and b-12 insufficient when I am strictly vegetarian (let's not talk of veganism, it would just kill me). but if we all could limit our meat consumption and possibly avoid killing 3-month old calfs to make cheese... anyway... these garganelli are a work of art. your husband is such a lucky guy :)


Ti sono venuti davvero benissimo Simona!!!

Come va la vita lì negli States? :)

Frank @Memorie di Angelina

Thanks for the shout out, Simona! Your garganelli look absolutely perfect to me! You know, I have one of those little boards, complete with mini rolling pin, and I've been meaning for some time to try my hand at them…. I really must get around to it soon!

PS: I've never tried or even heard of pasta with avocado but it actually sounds divine!

Mrs Deer

Super idea! I love your pasta!!

Simona Carini

Thanks Lori Lynn. Indeed, a certain amount of patience is necessary for this task and it gets rewarded.

Ciao Martissima. Mi piace l'idea di usarlo per i biscotti. Attendo di vedere come li farai.

Thank you, Alicia.

Ciao Barbara. I have read that some Grana Padano is now made with non-animal rennet, so you may look for it. I have never used animal rennet to make cheese. Parmigiano-Reggiano and gorgonzola are the only two types of cheese that I still buy.

Grazie Baol! Qui tutto bene. Spero lo stesso per voi.

You are welcome, Frank. I agree: you should give the board and mini pin a try, maybe on a day when the weather is conducive to stay inside.

Thank you, Mrs Deer.

Molly Hashimoto

Simona, your patient craftsmanship in preparing the elegant and beautiful garganelli is an inspiration. You are an artist!

Simona Carini

Thank you for the kind words, Molly. I am glad you like my garganelli.


Ohhhh! Very, very nice! I like the sound and look of your pasta. Also love the avocado sauce. Mmm! Sounds and looks delicious!

Simona Carini

Ciao Paz. I can imagine that the avocado dressing speaks to you. You should give it a try the next time you make some pasta.


Thank you, Simona! Your persistence in finding the right technique for your garganelli will benefit all of us. I love these little pasta shapes with their ridges running perpendicular, and my mind is already jumping to thoughts of what sauces would happily adhere to them.

diary of a tomato

Lovely shape! The 2-step process of rolling makes sense, I've had trouble with it otherwise. I especially like the idea of making it with saffron...

Simona Carini

Ciao Cara & Stefano. Garganelli are really pretty on the plate and are actually less tricky to make than maccheroni al ferro. Let me know if you try to make them.

Thanks Debra. I think you'll have fun with garganelli. Let me know if you try to make them. I made some orecchiette today, using a special flour... ;)



Thank you for the shout-out about my garganelli article in L'Italo-Americano! I enjoy making them, and they really are beautiful. Indeed sometimes they do collapse, but your idea of letting them dry does, to some extent ameliorate the situation. But no matter, they taste wonderful whether collapsed or tubular!

I love making all manner of hand made pasta, from garganelli to maccheroni alla chitarra, to corzetti and patterned pasta made using a cavarola board. We could live our entire lives and never make the entire panoply! Again, thank you for the mention. And complimenti on your extraordinary body of work. Your site and all the work contained herein is truly exquisite. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Simona Carini

Welcome to briciole, Adri, and thank you so much for your comment. I agree with you: we could spend our life in pasta land. At least for now, I am planning to spend a fair amount of time there, exploring various shapes and related traditions.

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