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July 10, 2012


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buone, le ho mangiate spesso a casa dei parenti meridionali.......lì il sole non manca e le zucchine si asciugano facilmente, ciauzzzzz

roberta cobrizo

grazie Simona per il tuo contributo (e anche per la versione inglese)

Simona Carini

Ciao Martissima. Si fa quel che si puo' col sole che abbiamo ;)

Prego Roberta, piacere mio.


I love the combination of zucchini and mint. They pair so well together.


è fantastica...mi piacciono tantissimo le zucchine fatte in questo modo....e la tua versione leggera mi piace ancora di più...sono curiosa per questa menta arancio che hai usato :)


I have zucchine but no mint. I'd love to try it!


My mom plants zucchini in our garden so we quite a lot of it every year. Anyway, usually we either fry it or use fresh in salads. Sometimes I use it in a cake. Nevertheless, you way of preparation sounds very interesting! I know what to do with my next zucchini :)

Vardhini Koushik

A different and tasty recipe using zucchini. Thx for sharing and linking too.

Event: Kid's Delight
Event: Only Vegan
Event: Zucchini

Simona Carini

I completely agree, Ivy.

Ciao Lo. La menta arancio la trovai qualche anno fa al mercato. Mi piace il suo profumo agrumato.

Ciao Paz. You may try using basil or parsley. The result would not be the same, given that mint has its own personality, but it may be good. Let me know if you try.

Ciao Catalina. Lucky you! I tried growing zucchini in my little garden, but was not very successful, so I gave up. You know, I have never used zucchini in a cake: I should try.

You are welcome, Vardhini.


Zucchini alla scapace is a dish of the Campania's tradition and in such recipe zucchini are fried. You are free to roast your zucchini and I can confirm that also roasted they are delicious, but you shouldn't call them "zucchini alla scapece", you should rather call them something like "zucchini arrostiti marinati in aceto, aglio e menta". And yes, zucchini alla scapece are better the day after. I think that preserving the recipes of our tradition is very important and giving the name of tranditional dishes to our interpretation of them doesn't help preserving that tradition.

Ciao ciao,

Merisi in Vienna

I have had zucchini alla scapace quite a few times, even made with zucchini roasted.
It may well be that in the good old times there was no way of roasting them as easily, Italian kitchens were not always equipped with ovens.

Btw, I thought of you when I read this article, an interview with P.D. James:



I love scapece but never made it with roasted rather than fried zucchini. Will have to give it a go!


Eccola la N come Nessuno è più bravo di Noi :-) http://abcincucina.blogspot.com.es/2012/07/n-come-napoli.html!!!

Grazie per aver partecipato e ora tutti a Otranto!

PS Eccole le zucchine :-)

Simona Carini

Dear Annamaria, while I don't agree with everything your wrote, I see your point about the title and have therefore amended it. I also added a clarifying paragraph in both sections of the post.

Simona Carini

Thank you, Merisi, for your comment and also for the link: the interview is very interesting! I particularly like her answer to the budding writer asking for advice: "Increase your word power. Increase your vocabulary. Words are our raw materials. Practise writing. Read widely, particularly of the best writing. Learn to try and understand and sympathise with other people. Go through life always open to experience. Nothing that happens to a writer, good or ill, is ever lost."

Ciao Frank. If you are comfortable with grilling, you can try that instead of oven-roasting.

Grazie, Aioulik!


What a handsome dish. (Great, great shot, Simona.) I love the extra kick of creativity you've shared for a vegetable that often makes cooks yawn by the bushel.

Simona Carini

Thank you, Susan. I am attracted to minimalist dishes and this fits perfectly. Earlier, I made a lovely soup with zucchini and leeks. When I don't take notes, I don't feel like writing it for the blog, but I'll try again.

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