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January 11, 2012


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La magia delle foto! la prima mi sembrava un paesaggio lunare... bellissime!!! i primi due frutti non li conoscevo.. mi sento un pò ignorante al momento!


I only know one out of the three fruits -- avocado. ;-) The other two look very interesting.


I tried only avocado, but I had an annona, which is a close relative of atemoya: they grow profusely in Reggio Calabria during winter months! You'd never guess how cream it is from the outside.


Mmmmm...tropical fruits are such treats. Thanks, Simona, for enticing us curious types to explore under the skin. It's always great to have you on board for BWW!

Simona Carini

Ciao Francy. Nemmeno io. E non credo che si trovino in Italia, ma puoi trovare lychee e annona (non ho mai mangiato l'annona, ma e' uno dei frutti che ha dato origine all'atemoya).

Ciao Paz. I think that you may be able to find rambutan and also cherimoya (from which atemoya derives). Let me know if you do.

Ciao Caffettiera. I knew about annona from Lenny's blog. I have actually never had a cherimoya: for some reason its appearance was not appealing and you are absolutely right, you would not guess its texture from its look. Now of course I am eager to try it also to compare it to atemoya.

Ciao Susan: they are, and in the middle of winter, they are comforting. I'll talk more about this, but it was a situation where the deciding factor was being at a farmers' market and so being able to ask the farmer questions about the fruit.


I must admit I recognized only avocado :D I have never eaten rambutan and atemoya (I think I haven't seen them anywhere in our shops) but once I've tried cherimoya and the texture was very similar to those fruits in your photo (at least it looked similar). I didn't like it very much but I may find a way in the future and enjoy it in the end :)


I was intrigued by the photo and thought the little fruit was a lychee …looks just like it!
Then I read your WHB post about the fruits and learned it was not!
This is one of the things I love about blogging…learning, learning, learning.
Thank you Simona.

Simona Carini

Ciao Cataliana. I am looking forward to tasting cherimoya at some point, so I can make a comparison with atemoya. As for rambutan, maybe you can find lychees instead.

Ciao Brii. I would like to look at and taste a lychee and a rambutan side to side, so I can be more precise in the comparison. If I had seen a rambutan already peeled, I would have thought it was a lychee. You are right, one learns a lot by blogging and reading other blogs.


I've never had an atemoya but a rambutan is a close relative of the lychee isn't it?


The rambutan sure is delicious.

Simona Carini

Hi Sajida. Yes, rambutan is a relative of lychee and it is quite delicious.

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