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November 21, 2011


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pronta pronta.....sono già seduta a tavola, con i pomodorini sono perfetti, hai fatto proprio il piatto come piace a me!! baciuzzzzzzz


Gli gnocchi di ricotta sono in assoluto i miei preferiti, facili, veloci, morbidosi....gnammmmmm una bella forchettata :D
Ciao Simo baciussss

Alicia (Foodycat)

You've reminded me - I am definitely due to make these again soon!


Simona, one thing I miss since going gluten-free is gnocchi, potato, ricotta, squash, you name it. I need to try them with gluten free flour to see if they work.

I loved this recipe, they were so soft and tasty.

I haven't made cheese again, I don't have the patience I guess.


Gnocchi di ricotta may motivate me to start making my own cheese, just to be able to have all that whey: they look wonderful and I'm sure they are nowhere near the same with store bought ricotta. The only 'cheese' I occasionally make is paneer. I'll try with its whey and let you know whether its works.


What stunning photos for such a Heavenly dish. Thanks for sharing and more importantly... thanks for hosting this week's Presto Pasta Night.


I love ricotta gnocchi!!
In the summer we go in Prada eat them in Malga baito dei Santi.
patrizia makes them with home made ricotta from her own cows.
The cows are all around the malga making sure you eat all of you gnocchi.


Simona Carini

Ciao Marta. Mannaggia, la stagione dei pomodorini e' finita, ma non temere, torneranno tra qualche mese e nel frattempo ti ho gia' messo in lista d'attesa ;)

Ciao Ale, morbidosi e' la parola giusta! :))

Hi Alicia. I am glad my post worked as a gentle reminder.

Ciao Laura. Since the flour in this recipe doesn't really have a structural function, I'd definitely try to make them with a gluten-free option. Let me know if you do.

Simona Carini

Ciao Caffettiera. I don't know what the situation is in the UK in terms of ricotta. They could use the whey from making cheddar and other traditional cheeses to make it, but I don't know if they actually do it. I am afraid the whey from making paneer is not viable to make ricotta, due to the way that cheese is made: see this page for details.

My pleasure, Ruth. It's always fun to host your event :)

Ciao Brii. That sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I were more interested in cheese making when I was still in Italy. However, I ate freshly made sheep ricotta when I was a kid. It's just that back then I had no idea how special that was. Hugs :)


I've never made cheese and not really in circumstances to make it but I love the sound of your homemade ricotta gnocchi! I love ricotta anyway and can imagine how delicious these are!

Simona Carini

Thank you for your kind words, Anne. I hope you can find of good-quality ricotta, so you can try the recipe.


Simona, I admire you for making your own cheese, whey, ricotta and gnocchi! I think I wouldn't be very successful with making my own cheese so I'd probably stick to store-bought ricotta. Anyway, the first photo is absolutely amazing and the combination of your gnocchi and apple sauce definitely caught me! I love pasta with sweet condiments and this is something I have to try out!

Simona Carini

Ciao Catalina a thanks for your kind words. I am working on a post about that applesauce, which is truly excellent, so stay tuned ;)


Hi Simona! Great recipe indeed!
Could you help me understanding the difference between gnocchi and gnudi? When it comes to gnocchi made with ricotta, I really don't know when to use one or another...

Simona Carini

Hi Olívia. I have never made gnudi, but based on what I know, gnudi are ravioli nudi, i.e., ravioli di magro without the pasta. In ravioli di magro the filling is made with ricotta, spinach, and a few other ingredients. I am not sure I would talk about difference between gnocchi and gnudi, because there are several types of gnocchi in Italy. Gnocchi di patate (potato gnocchi) are the most popular, but there are several others. In the Encyclopedia of Pasta, Zanini de Vita classifies gnudi as a type of gnocchi, and I agree with that. Hope this helps. Let me know.

P.S. Some years ago I wrote a short post about the word gnocco.

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