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August 30, 2011


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Roasted peaches are just amazing and I can imagine how wonderful this ice cream would be!!


Roasting the peaches is a stroke of genius. I can only imagine the depth of flavour.


"Indifferent peaches make an indifferent gelato, so please look for tasty fruit" Yes, so true!

This looks delicious. We plan on trying it while good peaches can still be found.


I'd have never thought about roasting the fruit prior to adding them into an ice cream. The flavor must be really deep! In moments like this I feel like crying because I don't have any free space in my freezer :( Hopefully next year I will. Anyway, your recipe is bookmarked and waiting on my to-do list :D


Oh wow! This is spectacular-looking! Love it!

Simona Carini

Ciao Ivy. Indeed they are, and it is fun to figure out ways of using them.

Ciao Val. I like the balance between intensifying the flavor and still keep a bit of body in the fruit.

I hope you do, Cara and Stefano.

Ciao Catalina. I assume that your freezer is full of other goodies. I must admit that I have two freezers at home. I make ice cream regularly so I keep the bowl of the ice cream maker always in the freezer.

Ciao Paz. Thanks!


The flavour of roasted peaches always reminds me of a dessert I loves as a child, pesche baked with a filling of amaretti. I wish I had an ice cream machine (and yes, good peaches as well), I'd love to try an amaretto twist on this one..

Alicia (Foodycat)

I think this sounds absolutely heavenly. I don't think I have had any peaches at all this summer!


Divine. Perhaps our ice cream maker is not one of the best, but I've never had luck soft serving directly after churning. It could well be the recipes. I shall try yours, Simona, before the peach season runs dry. This is a fine sweet, all the more intriguing with the flavor of roasted peach. Thanks for sharing it with VFAM - Peaches.


A marvellous idea to roast the peaches. It must intensify the flavor and sweetness of the fruit enormously. Funny that I haven't made ice cream even once this year—perhaps it's time to start…

Simona Carini

Ciao Caffettiera. I never had that dessert, probably because my mother disliked turning on the oven. However, she made jars of peaches preserved in syrup, which we then ate topped with whipped cream. Your suggestion is a great one. I can see two possibilities: one is adding crumbled amaretti to the ice cream, either as a topping or in the last couple of minutes of churning (for a move even distribution). The other is to add a bit of Amaretto to the base before churning. They both sound good. I have had an ice cream machine for 12 years now and it is one of the most used small appliances I have in my kitchen. It's also the one that generates most happiness ;)

Ciao Alicia. Was that because of the non-cooperating weather? Though peaches really need sun, so they are a warm climate fruit. There are also yearly variations: some years the crop is tastier than others.

Ciao Susan. Actually, the problem may be in your freezer, assuming you are using a machine like mine, where you keep the bowl in the freezer. It has happened to me as well: you need the bowl well frozen. The freezer may be at an ok temperature for the food but not cold enough to freeze well the liquid in the bowl. So, before you try anything else, decrease the temperature of your freezer for 24 hours and then try using the bowl again. Just to give you an idea, my freezer is at temp level 4, but if I know I am making ice cream I bring it to 5 (which means colder) for 24 hours.

Ciao Frank. Now that you are settled in your new kitchen, you can tackle cooking projects like making ice cream. I hope you can still find some good peaches in your corner of the world.


So I was looking through the Peach round up a few days ago, lamenting that all the peaches from my tree were used up... and then I got a box full from a friend today!

I knew I wanted to make some sort of ice cream, as my poor maker has been sadly neglected this summer. As I was pondering, I recalled you had a delicious looking recipe in VAFM and immediately grabbed it! Most likely I'll be trying it tonight or tomorrow.

Simona Carini

Lucky you to have a peach tree! Please, let me know if you try the recipe. A box full of peaches is a great gift. I also have a recipe for frittata and I will try to post it in the next couple of days.


Made it and this recipe is heavenly! Hubby was sad I only let him have a little bit... ;) have to save much of it for a friend who just had a baby!

Simona Carini

Thank you so much, Ruhama, for letting me know that you liked the result. I hope you'll be able to make another batch, so your husband can eat some more. I am sure your friend will be delighted.

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