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June 07, 2011


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Rosina Padula

great article. I purchased from Italia 5 canisters. "Farina","Sale","Zucchero","Sale-Fino", and "spezie" are written on them. what is the meaning of the italian word "sale-fino" on my canister~~I thought "sale" and "sale-fino" were the same. Why would I need 2 salt (fine salt) canisters. Just wondering and thought you could tell me. Is it meant for coffee. Grazia, Rosina

Simona Carini

Ciao Rosina and thanks for stopping by. So, the five labels mean: Flour, Salt, Sugar, Fine Salt and Spices. In the Italian kitchen you will find two types of salt: sale grosso (coarse salt) and sale fine (fine salt). The most common use for coarse salt is in the water in which you will cook pasta. Sale fino is used to season dishes. I have written about this distinction in this post. I hope this explanation is helpful :)


sto leggendo un libro che fa certamente al caso tuo, si intitola - racconti di pane - devo solo vedere quale racconto scegliere ^____^

Simona Carini

Ciao Marta. Racconti di pane mi incuriosisce molto: aspetto con ansia il tuo post. Ho ricevuto il tuo messaggio: e' che oggi ho avuto una giornata davvero campale e la mia posta personale l'ho dovuta mettere da parte. Adesso ti rispondo :)


I hope I can find some inspiring novel before the deadline... The latest books I've read are all quite sad and none of them has a pleasure inspiring relation with food. But I'll take your cue and try Chandler out, next time: a classic I've always wanted to read.


Grazie mille!! Rosina

Simona Carini

Ciao Caffettiera. I hope you'll like Chandler. And I also hope you will find some book that inspires you to participate in Novel Food.

You are more than welcome, Rosina.


I'll look forward to seeing what others are reading and cooking! I've never read Raymond Chandler, but your description is making me want to check him out.


Ooo, I was just telling my hubby that we have to get some ribs 'cause I have my next Novel Food book I want to get done. And here it is announced! Yay!

Simona Carini

Ciao Lisa. I actually saw the movie "The Lady in the Lake" before reading the book: I liked them both. In reading "The Big Sleep" I really enjoyed the language.

It sounds like I timed the announcement well, Ruhama. I am glad you are planning to participate and I am looking forward to reading about your choice of book and of recipe.


Ciao Simona,
questa iniziativa mi piace tantissimo e spero di riuscire a partecipare.
Sembra fatto apposta che quando scopro cose così interessanti non stia leggendo nulla che abbia un legame col cibo. Ma c'è tempo fino al 10 luglio, io non mi arrendo!
Buona giornata ;)


oh, me too had a strange feeling and I was right!!
Novel Food here we come!! :-D
I should study for my impossible exam again, so It could be that my entry is some geological-botanical-meterological recipe

Simona Carini

Ciao Barbara. Mi farebbe un sacco piacere se riuscissi a partecipare. Spero che troverai qualcosa che ti ispiri :)

Sounds quite intriguing, brii. I am looking forward to reading your geological-botanical-meterological recipe ;)

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