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April 14, 2011


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Sweet Artichoke

Waow, these are yumissime tagliatelle! home-made pasta have all my admiration, but home-made ricotta is something that I found amazing! Whenever I make my own paneer (Indian cheese, a bit firmer than ricotta) at home, I feel I have achieved something in my day!
Thanks for sending this delicious dish to PPN!


I haven't made homemade pasta for a very long time now. How delicious and creamy your pasta looks!


questa la so fare .....^_______^ e ci grattugio sopra della ricotta salata o affumicata......ricotta amata in tutte le declinazioni, baciuzzzzzzzzz
P.S. ricevuto mail, grazie!!!!


Brillant that you make your pasta *entirely* by hand! My grandmother did it that way, of course. I resort to a standing mixer and pasta attachment....


It looks amazing Simona. I have never made my own ricotta but I have made paneer which is a similar process.

Franklin from DineDelish

Simply looks delicious! I just love home made pasta!

Simona Carini

Ciao Vanessa. Paneer is a great entry point in the world of cheese making. I have actually never made it, but I have made chenna, which is a firmer paneer that can be made into patties: it's excellent. It was my pleasure to participate!

Thanks, Ivy!

Sono d'accordo con te, Astro: ricotta in tutte le declinazioni. Quella salata l'ho fatta una volta sola: devo ripetere l'esperimento. In quanto al formaggio affumicato, ancora non ho provato: devo cominciare a leggere le istruzioni, perche' non ho idea di che cosa comporti. Ti faro' sapere.

Ciao Frank. No machines for your grandmother. My mother also would not get close to a machine. On the other hand, I don't have a board large enough to accommodate a large sfoglia. There is a difference in texture, so when I can, I use my matterello.

Ciao Val. Making paneer is a great way to get started on the cheese-making road. It's a versatile ingredient and making it gives great satisfaction.

Thanks, Franklin, for the kind words.


Oh, Simona! That looks fantastic! I love ricotta and pasta and I'm ashamed I've never tried to put these two together. I'm drooling just by reading your recipe and reading the ingredients! I've never tried making my own pasta, so thank you for the tips and recipe, I'll have to give it a try :)


Just ricotta and pasta? How delicious! I would have to make some ricotta for that - I don't think I can buy one that would stand up to such a simple, elegant treatment.

Simona Carini

Ciao Catalina. I hope you try to make pasta: it's very satisfying.

Indeed, Alicia, just two ingredients. Making your own ricotta means both ingredients will be freshly made. I think that there is some magic in this.

Paola Mallucci

Love your blog and I wanted to pass something along... An award is waiting for you here http://cookingitalianinthemidwest.blogspot.com/2011/04/awards-galore.html. Hope you enjoy it!

Simona Carini

Thank you so much, Paola!


Pasta with ricotta is one of my favourite ways to eat very fresh and very good ricotta.
One thing I don't like is that more and more places (in Italy!!) have started to add a bit of cream to the whey to make the ricotta creamier - it spoils the fresh taste to me.

Also my parent's garden is full of fiori di borraggine in this days - they are so pretty.

Simona Carini

Ciao Caffettiera. I am with you on the cream topic: adding cream changes the fresh, light taste of ricotta. In the past, when making ricotta, I have added a bit of non-fat milk, but recently I have stopped that. I hope to get a good number of plants of borraggine so I can make something with them. Last year, I harvested some of them and mixed them to kale to make the gratin I recently described, but I would like to prepare a dish that showcases them more. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, I enjoy their pretty flowers.

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