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March 25, 2011


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I adore mangoes. I started eating them when I lived in Grenada, and I got very spoiled there, as there are many, MANY different types to choose from and it's easy to find them at the peak of ripeness. Sigh. I still do try buying some around here from time to time, and I always enjoy them if they're at all edible, but of course it's not the same. I also love mango lassis, even made with canned mango.

Anyway. Interesting post with great photos. That sorbet looks so cool and refreshing.


What a wonderful post! I loved reading it and seeing the pictures and videos that you included--you truly do have a little piece of your heart in the Caribbean, and you made me leave one there too. The mango sorbet is gorgeous. A bowl of good mango sorbet is one of my very favorite desserts. Great job! I hope you have success with round 2 of the soup someday too. ;-)


BTW--what a goof I am--I meant to type Simona not Simone. ;-) Fingers and head not connecting!

Simona Carini

Thanks, Lisa. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I thought about you while I was reading the book, as she talks about Grenada. In fact, the chapter where Vanderhoof says that she and her husband have fallen in love with Grenada starts thus: "Would you like some mangoes?" a woman's voice sings out from across the road, as we stand and admire a tree that's positively dripping ripe fruit.

Thanks, Deb. I am counting the days to our next visit. Maybe this time I will find the courage to bring my camera underwater and bring back some images from the deep blue sea. Simone is the French version of Simona. However, in Italian it is the masculine version :) I like them both!


È ora di ritirare fuori la gelatiera che è rimasta nell'armadio per troppo tempo. Prediligo i sorbetti ai gelati e quello di mango mi manca. Un abbraccio


The texture of that sorbet looks absolutely superb! Thank you for sharing your Caribbean memories. I now have what I imagine is the sound of munching turtles running through my head.


With warmer weather on the horizon Mango shorbet sounds very refreshing!


Sei in partenza per i Caraibi? Una luna di miele dolcissima per farti innamorare di quella piccola e sicuramente splendida isola .......e forse vedremo anche le foto sotto il mare targate Simona ;-)) mi piacciono molto i sorbetti.....non ho capito se hai la gelatiera o hai usato il freezer....questo ha l'aspetto cremoso e un bellissimo colore, ciauzzzzzzzzz


What a wonderful post and now I am dreaming of the Carribean, which unfortunately will remain a dream for ever:)
I have tried mangoes in Greece and they have not blown me away, so I am glad to hear that may be it was the variety I had bought and it's worth giving them another try. The sorbet looks amazing.

Simona Carini

Ciao Alex. Devo confessare che io non la metto mai via la mia gelatiera: ho la vaschetta sempre pronta nel freezer. Il sorbetto al mango te lo raccomando proprio, se riesci a trovare dei manghi dolci e succosi.

Ciao Foodycat. Mangoes lend themselves well to be turned into a sorbet. Munching turtles are a sight: when they find something that they like, they go at it with all their energy.

Ciao Val. I hope we'll get some warm weather soon. It's still winter here.

Ciao Astro. Quest'anno andremo all'inizio di giugno. Ho usato la gelatiera. La mia e' semplice, quella che ha la vaschetta che si tiene in freezer. Il sorbetto al mango e' semplice da fare e il risultato e' molto gustoso. Piace molto anche ai bambini.

Ciao Ivy. The Caribbean is indeed a long way from Greece. On the other hand, you are close to a lot of nice sunny beaches. I am not surprised you were disappointed by mangoes. It's difficult to compete with local, tree-ripened fruit.


The mango sorbet sounds fantastic!


Between diving and sailing I could not choose only one, so I guess this book is a must-read for me. I love reading about sailing adventures, but if I'd read it now that I live far away from the sea, it would make me feel too sad. I dream of going to the Caribbean one day, ideally sailing, yes. And what I have tasted of imported mangoes so far make me dream of the day I can try the real thing.

Simona Carini

Thanks Kalyn. I'll be on the menu when you visit us ;)

Ciao Caffettiera. If you like reading about sailing adventures, I think that you'd enjoy the book. But I understand your wish not to feel sad about living too far away from the sea. I hope you'll be able to fulfill your dream one day soon :)


I enjoyed hearing about your own Caribbean dive adventures. The closest I've been was in the Yucatan and Cozumel off the coast. But, we do get wonderful mangoes here and I make lots of various sorbets when the weather is hot. Your recipe sounds delicious.


Oh my! First, that book sounds very interesting. Second, I love your idea of sorbetto. Delicious!



It was all I could do to scroll past that picture of the sorbet... It looks too good! That waterspout looks pretty crazy, though. Great shot, btw. Thanks for posting!

Simona Carini

Hi Claudia. I know that you have access to wonderful fruit: my favorite when I visited your part of the world was the abiu. I so wish I could get hold of some!

Ciao Paz. I am looking at the sorbetto and dreaming of some warm weather.

Hi Travis and thanks. I think it is always nicer when you can take a photo of such events from a safe distance.

Glennis - Can't Believe We Ate

I loved your post Simone! Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us, and for the great links! The Mango Sorbet is icing on the cake!

Simona Carini

You are welcome, Glennis. I am glad to read you enjoyed the post :)

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