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January 25, 2011


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Rachel @ The Crispy Cook

What a magnificent post, Simona. You were truly inspired by our Cook the Books selection. The green tea gelato looks terrific and I love your little mochi dumplings. So glad you enjoyed the book.


Oh my gosh, everything looks wonderful! The matcha ice cream is lovely.


This is a very intriguing recipe Simona. One of my favourite gelato places serves up matcha.


Green tea ice cream is my hands-down favorite, and yours looks incredible! The mochi also looks wonderful. You can find commercial preparations of these around here, but yours look so much more tempting. I love each separately but have not gotten used to the combination only because I don't like to chew cold things. But I would be tempted to try these!


E' una tecnica affascinaante che ricorda i tartufi gelato calabresi .....


Never heard of matcha before but google searched it and it must be an amazing taste.


proprio un bel lavoretto di pazienza....il gelato mi piacerebbe provarlo e dato che ho comprato la farina di riso glutinoso potrei provarci anche con i mochi....ma abbinare i due la vedo un pochetto dura, preferirei assaggiare uno dei tuoi ^______^

Simona Carini

Ciao Rachel. I did enjoy the book and had fun with both gelato and mochi. I already have ideas for variations on the daifuku mochi theme.

Thanks, Jacque.

Ciao Val. The gelato has a really great taste. Come to think about it, I wonder if any gelaterie in Italy offer this flavor. Next time I visit, I'll be on the lookout. Which reminds me that I need to work on my gelato al pistacchio recipe.

Hi Manju. I like to let the mochi get to a point where the shell is cool and the ice cream creamy: the ensemble is still fairly cold, but not freezing. It is a bit of a balancing act, since you don't want the ice cream to be too soft.

Ciao Lenny. I tartufi gelato, certo: mi piacerebbe sapere come fanno a gestire la copertura e il gelato. Devo provarci: grazie del suggerimento!

Ciao Ivy. The flavor is indeed amazing. I hope you can find some where you are and try it. It can be used in many preparations to which it provides not only flavor but also its vibrant color.

Ciao Astro. Il mochi si puo' fare anche non dolce, pero' ancora non ho provato. Di fatto va lavorato un po' rapidamente, ma la quantita' della ricetta non e' enorme e quindi e' gestibile. Ho anche provato a mettere dentro della lemon curd ma era troppo liquida. Sono sicura che faro' ulteriori esperimenti. Naturalmente, puoi venire ad assaggiare i miei dolcetti quando vuoi ;)


Wow! Your gelato and mochi look absolutely exquisite and beautiful.
Frankly, almost a work of art in the kitchen.
You certainly provided much new education about a delicious topic.
I can "taste" the gelato based on your photos and descriptions.
Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing your insights.


Beautiful and fascinating. I also love your marbled paper creation.

Glennis - Can't Believe We Ate

I love green tea ice cream, and I'm fascinated by mochi!
What a fabulous post, and wonderful explanation!
Your floating ink picture is lovely! So serene!
Thanks so much for sharing!

dining tables

It really looks so delicious! I love this one. I want to try it.


Exquisite! I don't know how you can say that your technique needs work, because I think these look like utter perfection!


Simooo, non mi stuzzicare che poi se una mattina mi trovi sull'uscio con valigia in mano ti potresti pentire ^_______________^

Kelly @ It's a Food Life

Wow, nice job on an ambitious recipe choice!


Simona--you truly outdid yourself here, I am so impressed! We can buy the mochi wrapped ice cream in all kinds of flavors, including green tea here (and I love them!) but to make it yourself is amazing. They look so perfect. Wonderful job! ;-)


Green tea ice cream is one of my very favorite things to eat, but I have never had the chance to try it as a dumpling! This looks lovely!

Simona Carini

Thanks, Laura.

Thanks, Glennis. I am glad you liked the post and the suminagashi.

Thanks Alicia for the kind words. We'll see what happens when I try again. I must admit that I have a few ideas on other mochi variations. I also would like to try a savory version.

E perche' dovrei pentirmi, Astro? Sono molto rilassata con gli ospiti, vedrai.

Thanks, Kelly.

Thanks, Deb, for the kind words. It was certainly an interesting adventure. And I am sure I will make mochi again.

Ciao Frank. Mochi and green tea ice cream make a lovely combination. Now I would like to try using other ice cream flavors.

Heather @girlichef

Oh Simona!! I absolutely adore both of the things you made. I actually toyed with making that ice cream, but didn't get matcha powder in time, it sounds amazing. AND I've been wanting to try my hand at mochi forever, and still haven't. I love this post, so inspiring :D


I never knew anything about mochi-making tradition, either. How interesting -- and how sad that it's dying out, as are so many food-related traditions.

I bought some mochi ice cream balls once, at an Asian market, and they were awful (I think it turned out that the chocolate flavor in the ice cream filling was artificial--yuck). I'm sure yours were far superior! Love the color of that ice cream; it almost looks as if it could be pistachio.


Wow, making mochi from scratch. How impressive.
The floating ink technique sounds really interesting.


What a terrific dessert idea. I want to try it (since Deb says they have it), next time I'm on Oahu. And,I've been wanting to try making mochi (have had that sweet rice for awhile now)so your post was just the inspiration needed.





Green tea ice cream is one of my very favorite ways to enjoy matcha. Your recipe looks very luxurious. The color is lovely, too. And I am so impressed that you made mochi ice cream. Even the simplest mochi requires time, patience, and artistry. I am encouraged by how nice your first effort came out. At some point I will take the plunge.

Simona Carini

Hi Heather. I warmly recommend you make the ice cream once you get matcha. And as for mochi, it is really fun and one can be very creative with it.

Ciao Lisa. Artificial chocolate flavoring sounds pretty bad. I am sorry you have such an unpleasant connection with ice cream mochi. I hope you'll have a much better experience next time. Pistachio ice cream is a topic on my list and the next time I make it I hope to post about it.

Hi Andreas. I'd like to try the real mochitsuki one day, but in the meantime, the recipe I used provided me with a pleasant experience.

Thank you, Claudia. I hope you get to try.

Thanks, Paz.

Ciao Susan. The color makes up a good part of the experience of eating this ice cream. It fills the eyes. But I find that it also creates an expectation regarding the richness of the ice cream. This recipe, I think, matches that expectation well. The recipe makes a manageable quantity of mochi and choosing a filling that doesn't melt will make the first experience less frantic.


I have never had Green tea ice cream, but would really love to! Great choice.

Simona Carini

Hi Jo. I had never had it before moving to California. It's probably available only in Japanese restaurants. It is really good, with an intense flavor. I hope you'll be able to taste it one day.

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