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December 07, 2010


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Simona, that must have been a wonderful day...bread making is most therapeutic. The breads look gorgeous and I hope you'll try and post your own batch soon!

sweet Artichoke

What I like most about baking bread at home is the lovely bread smell which invades the whole appartment/house! There is something festive in it!
And waow, congratulation for your breads, they look perfect!


Happy Birthday Cara Simona. Wow, wonderful bread. Where is the cheese?


Auguri di buon compleanno!!! Hai fatto proprio un full immersion panificatore, ma per caso sei tu dietro quella massa di impasto? Sììì.......Ragazza mia, ti sei fatta scoprire, tu sei figlia di braccio di ferro, ;-))) ciauzzzzzzz


You've made a wonderful present to yourself. I love baking bread and to be honest I prefer it the way you did it - with not so much flour, I find it better on taste that way.


Making and tasting so many breads in one day would be a dream come true.


wow that's an impressive spread of breads!

Mike Moyle

Cara Simona. What a wonderful post. I particularly liked the photo of you struggling with the 10kg of dough! It looks like something from "The Blob"! I had not realized your focus on l'arte bianca. I do not currently have any intention of getting involved in the production end, but I do love to eat the output! I am curious as to what breads that one can find around the Bay Area you particularly enjoy. My favs would include Acme's walnut levain, Tartine's country bread and, most recently, the bread served at Cavallo Point that you may have seen mentioned in my post about the "My Calabria" class -- Cavallo Point's pastry chef, Ethan Howard, does a fantastic job (unfortunately that bread is only available at CP). Buon Natale!


Il pane ha un che di sacro ....
Gli gnocchi viola del post precedente sono incantevoli :D


Buon compleanno! That's a great gift to oneself! I always meant to take a weekend workshop at the SBI. I've heard great things about them. Now you totally convinced me I should do so soon!


That looks like a wonderful course... how fun! The bread looks fantstic and I can't believe that mountain of dough you're holding.


These loaves look so yummy :) I can't imagine not having a slice of fresh bread with layer of butter and homemade jam on my breakfast :) I love bread :) The photo where you're holding the huge mass of dough is very impressive! I have problems to handle dough which weights about 1 kg :D


Sounds like it's a very interesting weekend, and that pic on 10 kg bread dough is amazing :)


Simona, I sure didn't expect you to visit my blog out of all the DB there are, so glad you like the crostata, it was a fun challenge. Your bread looks beautiful!

Simona Carini

Ciao Peter. It was indeed!

I also love the smell in the house when I bake bread. However, it makes it difficult to convince my husband to wait until the bread is completely cooled before slicing it.

Thank you so much, Ivy. The cheese was at home, and you can imagine what we had for dinner that evening.

Grazie, Astro. Ebbene si', sono io. La foto me l'ha fatta una ragazza che ha fatto il corso con me.

Ciao Silvia. I am glad you like less flour on the surface. For the pear buckwheat one, though, I'll need to use more to show the stenciled pear properly.

Ciao Val. The whole experience is a bit dreamlike.

Thanks, Jamie.

Simona Carini

Ciao Mike. I like Acme's walnut levain too (and I like making walnut sourdough bread at home: I think the combination is wonderful). I have never had Tartine's bread. You see, the problem (so to speak) of baking your own bread is that you rarely buy it. I would like to visit Cavallo Point, after reading about it in your blog posts. Buone Feste!

Ciao Lenny. Hai ragione! Fare il pane e anche il formaggio ci pone sulla linea dei notri progenitori. Grazie.

Ciao Sara. It's a great place. I am looking forward to taking some more weekend classes there next year.

Hi Jacque. It sure felt like a mountain. I must say though that when I took the second class, I was a lot less intimidated.

Hi Catalina. Fresh bread is such a treat.

Hi Zita. It was indeed very interesting and also a lot of fun.

Hi Suzanne. It was my pleasure. It's a special treat to see what the DB's have done with the challenge.


What a great birthday gift.
Much smarter to attend a workshop than to buy a stand-mixer.


That photo is brilliant! I can't imagine trying to heft that much dough around. I think 2kg is the biggest I have made.

Simona Carini

Hi Andreas. It was indeed a great gift.

Thanks Alicia. Part of the challenge was that the table is a bit too high for me. I am certainly glad everything went well.

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