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September 26, 2010


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"macaroni" insieme a "italiaanse tomatensoup" sono due falsi miti italiani, che ho scoperto qui. E son duri a morire! Hai voglia a spiegare che quella per noi non è una zuppa (ma semmai un sugo) e che quelli non sono maccheroni...ma niente oh!
Il mito "macaroni", credo sia un'importazione americana qui in Olanda...la tomatensoup credo una reinvenzione del nostro sugo di pomodoro :)
Comunque sono entrambi così radicati nella loro cultura che la mia missione di "erudimento culinario", è quasi impossibile ^_^
Mi piace il tuo approccio nel senso di rispettare la loro tradizione e i risvolti emotivi legati a quel piatto...
Bel post come sempre! Un bacione! ;)

bellini valli

Macaroni and cheese reminds me of my childhood, a warm blanket and being able to cook the one dish my mom would allow me to make in our kitchen. It is THE comfort food in my books. You have achieved macaroni and cheese perfection!!! Good luck in the competition.


A great post, and your mac & cheese looks terrific. Both versions, although I might lean slightly more toward the one with the breadcrumbs.

Like your husband, I have a history with the boxed variety. In the summer after high school, my best friend and I used to eat Kraft mac & cheese all the time. Our routine was go to the beach in the morning, lie in the sun trying to get as tan as possible, then go back to her house and split a box of mac & cheese for lunch (at that time I think there was only the one kind of Kraft mac & cheese: skinny box, orange-powder "cheese," and you added milk and butter--SO GOOD). I'd actually like to make up a batch now and see if I still love it...or maybe it's better to leave things like that in the past. :)


Ciao Simona!


My boyfriend is the same way...he loves the Kraft mac and cheese! Great entry for PFB....I voted for you!

Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels

YUM!!! Your macaroni and cheese looks beyond amazing and SO delicious. Good for you for cooking something that you never imagined cooking! :) Great job!

Food o' del Mundo

What a great idea/post! Sending some Foodbuzz ♥ your way. Hope we both make it to the next round ;-)


Is there a piece leftover for me? Sorry I'm late to vote, but I just did. Good luck.

Nate @ House of Annie


Next time, try using panko bread crumbs.

Lori Lynn

What a great idea for the challenge Simona! Good luck! I think I would like the one with breadcrumbs...

Simona Carini

Ciao Do. Non sapevo della tomatensoup. Mi viene da sorridere perche' proprio in questo momento sto preparando i pomodori passati per fare una zuppa di pomodori e peperoni. Piu' avanti scrivero' un post sulla parola macaroni. Adesso invece mi e' tornato in mente Gian Burrasca e la pappa col pomodoro. Mi fa piacere che il post ti sia piaciuto: grazie .

Ciao Val. I knew that with this dish I would tap into dear memories. I love this idea of having one special comfort food, the one dish that can cheer us up no matter what is going on in our life. Thanks for sharing your memory and also for your kind words.

Ciao Lisa. You are making a good point about leaving memories untouched. I think that at a minimum you'd have my same difficult: which kind to buy? I think this would be an interesting research: what foods we remember from our early life and loved then are still made and how do they compare? I'll think about it. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

Ciao Baol!

Simona Carini

Thanks, Taylor!

Thanks, Lindsey!

Thank you so much, Mary!

There is always a piece for you, Ivy. Thanks!

Thanks, Nate, for the vote and the advice.

Thanks, Lori Lynn. It looks like the one with the breadcrumbs has the highest number of preferences.

Jasmine Bradley

Homemade cheese?! Impressive!!! Love mac n' cheese...my favourite recipe is by Tyler Florence as his topping includes caramelized onion and bacon. Yum! Got my vote :)


Awesome!! Looks great- I cast a vote for you.


Well thank goodness he preferred yours to the Kraft one! There would have been trouble otherwise. I love macaroni cheese, although it isn't something I grew up with. I like adding some caramelised onions and gorgonzola to my bechamel.

Simona Carini

Thanks Jasmine. Now that I have mastered the basic recipe, so to speak, I am ready to try variations and caramelized onions sound quite appealing.

Thanks Lisa.

Ciao Alicia. I like the idea of adding gorgonzola to the sauce. One of these days I will try to make gorgonzola at home.

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