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February 07, 2010


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Tea with ginger sounds good. Thanks for hosting, my mind is not on WHB lately, too many things are keeping me from being able to focus on blogging these days.


When I was in Rome last September, I looked for zenzero at Capo de' Fiori and several of the stores in the neighborhood (I rented an apartment just off the square), but could not find any. The same in Florence last year, even at the large supermarket they only looked at me as if I surely was not asking for "fresh" ginger root. ;-)


Sorry, Giordano Bruno is still at the "Campo"! ;-)


Oh my! I just had some ginger tea yesterday for the first time and it was REALLY good. I'd love to have a taste of your ginger-made tea.

Paz (a tea drinker, too)


This tea sounds delicious! I will take a cup please :)

Awesome job with the roundup. Everything looks so delicious.


I love ginger, simona..
usually I don't use any tea, just the ginger slices. (infusion)
must try your idea.

Simona Carini

Hi Kalyn and thanks for your message. I hope those things are interesting.

Ciao Merisi. I am not surprised. An apartment off Campo de' Fiori sounds nice.

Glad to read you liked ginger tea. I find my infusion very soothing.

Thanks, Joanne. It was my pleasure.

Ciao Brii. I hope you'll like it.

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Ginger tea is my favorite and it is also good for our health.This combination of tea and ginger is fantastic.Thank you for this informative post.


mi hai dato una bella idea, proverò anch'io a metterlo in qualche infuso....se poi aiuta a superare qualche malessere digestivo...ben venga, son contenta tu stia meglio, bacio!

- Briii, parla italianooo ;-)))


I love ginger; why haven't I ever thought to put it with regular tea? Usually it's only when I'm sick that I think to make a "tea" by soaking slices of ginger in boiling water for a while, then adding quite a lot of honey and some lemon juice.

Speaking of digestive disturbances: I also like to keep a jar of pickled ginger (such as you get with sushi -- Ginger People makes one w/o food coloring) around, and if my tummy feels funny, I eat a few slices. Or more than a few. :)


Ginger tea is lovely - so comforting to an unhappy tummy! Your ginger looks so plump and fresh.

Simona Carini

Hi everybody, it seems like we all like ginger and rely on it to help us overcome rough times.

Lisa, now you made me wonder how difficult it would be to make pickled ginger at home. I like it a lot.

In my infusion with tea, I like how the flavors are in a nice balance.

Indeed, Foodycat, the ginger looks so nice, I almost feel bad about consuming it.

Astro, la prossima volta che vengo in Italia vediamo se riusciamo ad organizzare qualcosa.


never really tried ginger. sounds good

Neeraja Patwardhan

Thats really interesting...
No not the combo.. the reactions..
please dont get me wrong.. :)
Ginger tea is so so so common here in India. And you here about it since your childhood. The first cup of tea you have is normally a tea infused with ginger. After a tiring and stressful event you relax with a cup if ginger tea..
It is so normal and regular to us that it is funny to see someone reacting to it as if this is a novelty.
Every household here as their own way of making ginger tea. I have mine. Its different than in the post above. The main ingredient being milk.

Anyway, Somehow I stumbled upon your blog. I liked it. I may ask you too many questions for many ingredients in different recipes of yours, to figure out what cud be the most suitable equivalent here.
Neeraja Patwardhan

Simona Carini

Dear Neeraja, I will say the same thing about your comment: it is very interesting for me to know that in India ginger tea is a common drink for all ages. After experiencing on myself the nice effect, I can certainly understand. Growing up in Italy a number of years ago, ginger was pretty much unknown to me. I never saw ginger root in the stores and since my mother was not into baking or spices, ginger powder was also unknown. In fact, gingerbread was something that happened only in fairy tales. I learned to use and appreciate ginger after moving to California, though it has kept an aura of exoticism that I kind of enjoy: I don't take it for granted as an ingredient.

Thank you so much for your kind words. And don't worry about asking questions: I will be more than happy to answer them.

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