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November 06, 2009


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Mi piacciono le contaminazioni tra letteratura e gastronomia .)


Another great post. I am sure Garvalho would love your fish stew. In Greece even today you see recipes with no specific amounts.


What a delicious-looking dish! And now I am inspired to read these books. My mum is a fan of Montalbano's, so this may also be her Christmas present!

Simona Carini

Anche a me, Lenny.

Thanks, Ivy. It was a bit of a challenge, as I had never made fish stew before. But it was also fun.

Thanks, Foodycat. Glad to know you mother is a Montalbano's fan. I hope you get to read some and enjoy them.


Heavens! So much went into this post! Thanks so much for it; I thoroughly enjoyed the background on Camilleri and Montalbano and the info about Montalban and Izzo. I read of Camilleri's having more Montalbano books "in the pipeline," including the final one, with a mixture of relief and sadness...

And what a beautiful stew. I love a good fish stew, so the dish is right up my alley. In fact, reading about your process and everything makes me want to whip up a cioppino right away. I'm sure it wouldn't be as tasty as your dish here, though. And I wouldn't even try to outdo you on the gelato. ;)

Thanks for doing the even with me again. Something interesting and delicious always comes of it.


The stew sounds wonderful. I'm impressed that you tried to make it using just the text, without consulting any other recipes. :)


Yum! Great job with the executive decision to make a tasty meal. I'm hungry now. *sigh*

I'd like to read the book. I want to know about the guy with the tattoo. Who was he? ;-)


Simona Carini

Thanks, Lisa. I enjoyed finding out about the friendship between the three authors. Cioppino is something I have wanted to try for a while. Carvalho's caldeirada looked simple so I thought it would be a good entry into the world of fish stews. My ice cream is pretty good, but there is no secret, really. Maybe I'll write about this particular one in an upcoming post. It was great fun, as usual.

Thanks, Adele. I thought it would be a nice challenge and it was.

The book is really good, Paz, I recommend it: the guy with the tattoo has an interesting story.


I am very impressed that you have tried it twice and are willing to do it again! I think that's the fun part about cooking (a little harder to do with baking)~the experimentation.

Simona Carini

Thanks, Ruhama. I think that there are dishes that lend themselves particularly well to variations and experiments and this is one of them.


A particularly fun post to read, Simona: your English translation from the Italian translation of the original Spanish. ; ) Fun, too, how you recreated a recipe following the hero's vague measures and methods.

P.S. - Hope you post the gelato recipe someday. I've loved coffee ice cream long before I ever had a sip of java.

Simona Carini

Thanks, Susan. I ma glad you enjoyed my post. I will post my version of coffee ice cream soon.


Its really interesting for me to read your post about you.I have never tried this recipe before.I will definitely try this recipe in my weekend.After reading this post now I also want to read that book.


Che bella collezione di libri e ricette da scoprire,
mille grazie!

Sono spiacente che non ho contributo.

Simona Carini

Non ti preoccupare, Merisi e grazie della nota.


Simona, grazie di aver postato anche questa ricetta per l'Abbecedario Culinario! Splendida!!

Simona Carini

Piacere mio, Patrizia. Sara' una bella raccolta.

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