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June 26, 2009


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Non sempro riesco a replicare la stessa ricetta, ma capisco che è fondamentale per testarne le diverse possibilità e soprattutto per impadronirsi dela tecnica
I tuoi scones sono deliziosi :))


Scones are so good! Had quite a few of them in Ireland. Love the idea of cooking inspired the the same book others are reading. I'll have to see if I can join in next time. I like the idea of so much fruit in the scones, even though it seemed to make them a littel difficult to shape. I'll have one blueberry and one raspberry, please.


I love scones with jam and clotted cream! One of the best things about living in England is the easy access to clotted cream. When I read this book as a child I didn't want to be Maria but I DID want her clothes and her bedroom!


one of my favorite morning delights~oh, and with the clotted cream! I have not made these in ages, you have inspired me ! Trust you are having a wonderful summer!


Wonderful contribution.



I have yet to try scones and there are lots of Gluten Free recipes out there for them since they don't need the structure of gluten to rise up much, so you have inspired me to make some soon.

I have posted the Cook the Books roundup today if you would like to see the other entries and gave Novel Food a little plug as well.


Lovely post; delicious scones. A great entry.


I must admit Ive heard so much about scones and havent yet had the chance to try them..I guess you have just provided me with the opportunity!


A great choice for CTB--your scones look delicious. I loved that description of the colorful table setting too. Hope you can join us for the next book too.



I have not tried scones yet and they are certainly in my list to try.

Susan from Food Blogga

The first British scone I ever tasted was on my honeymoon 14 years ago. I don't think I have ever had one quite as scrumptious again. Thanks for the enjoyable post, Simona. I just everything about scones.

Simona Carini

Grazie Lenny. Devo ammettere che sono golosa di scones.

Hi Elle. I hope you can join us for the next edition. It is indeed fun to share the experience of reading the same book. Using fresh fruit makes a difference in the dough, but the result is worth the extra effort in the shaping phase. As you can see, my scones are not a paragon of consistency in terms of shape: a 1/3 cup measure and a bit of finger work help make round scones.

Hi Foodycat. I can see myself wanting her bedroom, for sure, and the riding habit. One of these days I will try to make clotted cream at home.

Hi Jann. I'm delighted to read I have inspired you to make scones. They are truly delicious for breakfast or a snack. Where are your travels bringing you this summer?

Thanks, Paz.

Hi Rachel. I hope you find some nice GF recipe for scones. Thanks for the wonderful roundup and for mentioning Novel Food.

Thanks, Arlene.

Ciao Mia. Definitely try some scones: they are delicious and the recipe lends itself to personal variations and adjustments.

Thanks Deb. I was struck by the assortment of colors in that paragraph. I am planning to participate in the next round. Getting the book is towards the top of my to-do list.

Hi Ivy. I am partial to them, so I certainly recommend try to make them. They are quick to make and so worth the effort.

Hi Susan. The first scone stands out in your memory as well as in mine. I guess part of its charm was that you were in your honeymoon. It was such a nice surprise for me: a nice balance of different elements in one small cake.

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