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May 22, 2009


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Salt, cigarettes and stamps sound like bread-and-butter items. Fun and informative post, Simona. I look forward to your use of vanilla salt...sounds luscious.


Venice had huge Magazzini del Sale, or salt warehouses, and exchanged salt for gold.

I never heard of Guerra del Sale, thanks for the history lesson.

Can't live without salt.


Hi Simona!

very interesting post! funny thing I was thinking of posting myself about salt these days..:) little do we realise how these original unudulterated salts are so magnificent in flavor aswell as health wise! very inspiring,Grazie.


I have read two more posts on salt today but it is always interesting to learn new things.


What an informative and educational post! Thanks! bella

Simona Carini

Thanks, Susan. I need a decent photo of the dish I have been making with vanilla salt and then I will write my post.

Ciao Laura, you are welcome. Exchanging salt fro gold: now, that says something about the value of salt.

Ciao Mia. I must admit, salt is one of those things I took for granted. I think it is good to think about how valuable they actually are. I hope you'll write about salt.

Wow, Ivy, it sounds like there were three people on the same wavelength: interesting.

Thanks, Bella: I am glad you enjoyed the post.


This was so interesting. I love these different salts and what they do to ordinary foods!

Simona Carini

Thanks, Jann. I do too.


Very interesting! I love the idea about the vanilla salt. ;-)



I had heard that the root of salary had to do with salt; so interesting. Being a salt lover, I can see why it has been considered so valuable! I want to try grey salt some time. Michael Chiarello (of Food Network fame) is always talking about it, grey salt, grey salt, grey salt -- so I feel I'm really missing out on something.

Love the photo of the tabaccheria.

Simona Carini

Hi Paz. It is, indeed, kind of neat. I'll write more about it soon.

Hi Lisa. Salt was used also to preserve food, so it was really important. I like the big crystals of coarse salt and grey salt has an interesting color and smell. I'll talk more about tabaccheria, as I have a couple of funny stories pertaining that store.

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