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May 29, 2009


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Simona, this is really a wonderful idea!!! I really like it and would _love_ to try it. :) Especially made by you. :) :)


I gelati home made, realizzati con ingredienti freschi hanno un gusto eccelente e intenso :-D


Simona, what about egg yolks, does gelato have contains any?

Not sure you want to try this but when I make ice cream, I re-heat the infused cream to simmer (in your case the non-fat milk), then temper the yolks with it. The heat in the cream is enough to pasteurize the eggs and make the custard, this saves me a step, a possible overcooking, and a pot to clean. Since I have done this I have never went back to the stove cooking.

I love rhubarb! Sometimes I make little jams with it and other fruit like blackberries or strawberries.

Try infusing the milk with lemon verbena and then add some strawberry puree to the ice cream, unbelievable!



Each year I say I have to buy an ice cream machine but I don't. It's not about the cost, but I know if I eventually buy it I shall not stop using it. I am drooling with your icecream.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Ooh what a creative gelato flavor. I bet this was sublime.
I need to start cooking with rhubarb. I'm inspired. Thanks Simona!


Yes, a very creative gelato flavor. Gelatos were one of the best things about my visit to Italy. ;-) I'd love to taste yours.


Simona Carini

Thanks, Marta. We'll make it happen ;)

Ciao Lenny. Sono completamente d'accordo.

Ciao Laura. Certainly. I use whole eggs and egg yolks. Thanks for the suggestion: I'll try it. You know, I actually planted some lemon verbena on purpose to use it in ice cream, but my seedling did not survive the freezing nights last winter. I will try again. Rhubarb and blackberry jam: nice! After a good experience last year, I am planning to make more jam this summer, so thank for the suggestion.

Dear Ivy, you should yield to the temptation: it's really satisfying to make frozen desserts at home.

You are welcome, Lori Lynn. I actually made a savory dish using rhubarb, but it wasn't as successful as the ice cream.

Dear Paz, I hope you will taste my ice cream some day: it would be so much fun.


Although I know of Rhubarb,I never came around to using it in any way,and now I am intrigued.Like I said before your investment is really admirable!


il gelato al rabarbaro è un'idea fissa che ho dall'anno scorso: l'anno scorso ero a Roma, quindi niente rabarbaro (difficilissimo da trovare qui), quest'anno ero a Strasburgo, tanto rabarbaro... ma niente gelatiera (che era a Roma!). Questo autunno riunirò il tutto e spero primavera prossima di farcela. Intanto mi gusto il tuo variagato: io amo i variegati, soprattutto quando hanno la bse di viniglia :-P

Simona Carini

Ciao Mia. It is actually quite easy to use and it has a very interesting flavor. I am wondering: can you find it in the stores where you live?

Ciao Francesca. Davvero mi piacerebbe sapere perche' in Italia il rabarbaro e' una rarita' costosa. Forse e' una question di tradizione? Vuoi dire che tornerai a Strasburgo in autunno? Davvero ci ho preso gusto a questa cosa del variegato e vorrei inventarne qualche altro tipo: vaniglia e...


That is so cute about your husband now missing your ice creams and sorbets!

The vanilla ice cream in your photo looks so creamy and wonderful, and I love seeing the specks of vanilla bean. Hmm. Maybe one day I'll invest in an ice-cream maker and try my hand.

Simona Carini

Hi Lisa. The smell of vanilla is also heavenly. My ice cream maker is probably the kitchen gadget that I use most, together with the food processor. I actually managed to wear out the original one last year, and had to retire it after nine years of honorable service.

Susan from Food Blogga

I swear, I must be the last food blogger without an ice cream maker. After describing the smiling faces of those who eating your delicious ice cream, I'm reconsidering. :)

Jeremy Parzen

Gelato is such a misunderstood concept in this country. Great post. I love the use of the word variegato in the title!


Ooohh, I absolutely love the tanginess of rhubarb with something sweet. It sounds wonderful in your gelato!

Simona Carini

I have found ice cream and sorbet making quite rewarding. Hence, I support your plan to reconsider, dear Susan.

Thanks, Jeremy. I like the word variegato a lot.

Thanks, Shannon. The pairing is indeed quite delicious.

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