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March 29, 2009


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That lasagna sounds delicious and where better to get an original Italian recipe than from an Italian.


Your lasagne looks perfect! I usually make my bechamel with half milk and half vegetable stock to save a few calories and it's really delicious. Nice to know it works with all stock, which I think makes it a veloute?


Bravo Simona!beautiful job,looks like youve been doing it for yrs!maybe unconciously learning through your taste buds.. :)
Im so happy for you that you took the 'plunge',it must feel great to continue the family tradition? I would looooove to know how your mother does her own bottled pureed tomatoes..??


Yours looks beautiful! The layers are nice and thin and the whole piece looks well-formed. I'm afraid mine was a bit less photogenic but I enjoyed the challenge of it nonetheless :) Great job!


Very nice!



Wow~this looks delicious! This certainly required time and lots of prep work..... and it certainly paid off! Cheers!


glad you enjoyed the challenge, great job!


That beautiful looking lasagne seems like a true labor of love. I'll bet it was delicious!

Simona Carini

Thanks, Ivy. It feels good to carry on a long tradition.

Hi Angela. You are right! I have never tried to use half and half: thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks, Mia. I will ask my mother for the sterilizing part, the details of which I don't remember, then let you know.

Hi Shannon. I think the important thing when you make something for the first time, is to get a benchmark. Then, when you make it again, you can adjust the recipe.

Thanks, Paz.

Thanks, Jann. It is an intense undertaking, for sure, but one can make the pasta in advance, which I may do the next time.

Thanks, Anjelikuh.

Hi Christine. Now that I know that I can make lasagne, the next step is sharing it with guests.


Your lasagne looks delicious. I love the many thin layers, and the green pasta.

Your description of your mother's lasagne is wonderful, and how lucky you were to eat that kind of food growing up. Do you know, I had never heard of using bechamel in lasagne until I was about 30 years old? Someone made it that way and I ate it and thought it was the best thing ever. Until then, I'd only had lasagne made with ricotta.


Really great lasagna...especially like the idea of combining the eggs adn spinach in a paste to make the pasta. Lovely!

Simona Carini

Hi Lisa. I had never heard about lasagne with ricotta until I moved to this country. My mother occasionally would use mozzarella instead of béchamel, because one of my uncles did not like it. Well-made lasagne are indeed one of the best foods ever.

Hi Elle. That was indeed a good idea. I am glad I thought of checking my beloved cookbook.


that looks just perfect. i tried making lasagna once (the american way) and it was a disaster. i haven't dared to again.

Simona Carini

Thanks, Bee. I hope you try again: it is a fun project. The recipe for pasta that we used is a good one, and then you can adjust the other elements as you wish.

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