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September 12, 2008


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Laurie Constantino

Great recipe from a great book! There are so many great eggplant spreads from the Mediterranean and I never get tired of trying all the variations.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Oh boy, I could just visualize your oven, and thought, that is one time you would really appreciate a self-cleaning oven.

Your recipe sounds excellent, walnuts and eggplant seem to enhance each other.

My Nana, from Russia, made a roasted eggplant which she served with Jewish rye and butter. I crave it to this day, and have not been able to recreate it...


Oh my! I can't imagine an eggplant exploding in my oven. Yikes! The recipe you've featured looks delicious.



I would have loved to see a picture of the exploded eggplant bomb after it desecrated your oven! haha
Hope all is well with you, Simona :)


Ciao Simona. I recall my mom making melanzane.. but not with eggplant. They were long and green, and they were yummie. Mom would do fry them breadrumbed. Loved them on a breadroll. Bruno


Sorry Simona, I should have checkd my statement.
My Mom used these long green slender vegetables and referred them as melanzane. She would slice them and breadcrumb them, then fry them. we would eat them with other veggies + meat or, just have them on a breadroll while they were hot and moist with oil. Bruno


fantastic recipe. thanks, dear simona.

Simona Carini

Thanks Laurie. You are so right!

Now you got me curious about the dish you describe, Lori Lynn.

Thanks Paz. An exploded eggplant is something I definitely do not recommend experiencing, ever.

Hi Maryann. I was so shocked, I don't think I would have thought about taking photos.

What you describe, Bruno, sounds delicious. I wonder what they were. There are green long eggplant, though I have never seen them in the stores here.

You are welcome, Bee.


How wonderful. Well, not the part about the explosion, sorry about that! But I just love roasted eggplant, and your dish looks and sounds SO good to me.

Coincidentally, this morning I made a roasted eggplant soup with lentils that I saw on another blog recently. It has a garnish of lightly whipped cream, and I'd planned to mention, when I do a post about it, that labneh would also work very well. Roasted eggplant, labneh -- are we on the same wavelength, or what?!

I need to try this recipe soon. Thanks for the great idea. I must also get Madison's cookbook; I think I would love it.

Jeremy Parzen

Great post! It makes me think of Michael Franks' song "Eggplant" from the Art of Tea and Artusi's inspired passages about the fruit. Great post...


Questo suono come un ricetta grande. Especially for someone unfamiliar with melanzana.
Will you share your method for blanching noci, and do you let them dry before baking?

Simona Carini

Lisa, I look forward to reading your post on the soup: it sounds lovely. Indeed, same wavelength. I have another small batch of labneh in the making. I love the book: it is basically always on the counter, ready to be consulted.

Thanks Jeremy for the song suggestion: neat. I should also see if I can make something from the Artusi with eggplant.

Grazie, Dave. For walnuts I follow Deborah Madison's method, as described in the same book, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. I mentioned the method in this article: http://www.northcoastjournal.com/issues/2008/03/20/rocciata/


Oven doors should really be made with the hinges on the side rather than on the bottom, the better to reach those nooks and crannies.

Beautiful savory, Simona. It makes me want to go out and get another sack of eggplants at the farmers market.

Simona Carini

Interesting idea about the oven, Susan. I hope fresh eggplants will still be available for a while at the farmers' market.

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