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June 29, 2008


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Simona what you show me here looks very pretty. I have to smile when you talk about the strawberries bleeding - they do tend to do that! The have some of the highest % of water in them of any fruit. But they are so lovely.
Now I'm wanting to do a savory braid with this dough.


Disasters are what make us appreciate the successes even more. And for what it's worth, I think your strawberry braid looks quite delicious!


I'd say you did a fantastic job!


Three treccia? *That* is Daring Baker dedication. Great job... even if the first was too stubborn to rise and the strawberries bled through the second one. I bet they *tasted* great.


Ciao Simona, the treccia in the picture to me seems just perfect. Trying crema as a filling sounds great--I'd like to try it.


It looks great to me Simona!


Yum! Look really good to me. I say, "Job well done." ;-)



Looks wonderful! You know, I didn't pay attention to a change in size but my braid did get "softer."

Jen Yu

You are so dedicated to do this multiple times! I have to say that your braid photo looks great despite your frustrations. So good job!!

Susan from Food Blogga

This is new to me, Simona, and your photo looks beautiful. You truly deserve kudos on your efforts.


I am impressed that you are making it three times. I am sure that your third one will be a success. Thank you for baking with us :)


I think your braid is fine. I'm especially interested to know what you used to cut your strips with - it looks almost ruffled...


Looks delicious Simona. The problem with your blog is that it makes me soooooo
hungry. It's all OK for all the others visiting your blog who are chefs and can just dish it up at any time. If I were in America I would set up a once a month dinner for all of you to attend and cook for me. Bruno


I'm glad you stuck with it, and that it was worth it!

I think that your first yeast would have risen eventually - it was just cold, maybe?


Thanks everybody for the kind words about my bleeding braid. To answer a couple of questions:
- I used a scalloped pastry cutter for the flaps and I think the result looks nice
- I am definitely in a cold environment, but I made sure the first braid was in a warm one and the result was that the butter was surfacing.

Bruno, a friend of mine just said something on the same line to me. If you decide to cross the ocean and visit, we'll make sure to organize something special.

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