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April 27, 2008


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I'm sorry these were not much to your liking but they look very cute. The addition of the strawberry sauce sounds delicious.


Bravo for giving it your best even though you don't like cream cheese. They did turn out super cute and the idea of strawberry sauce for dipping is brilliant!


Simona, I like your flower pot presentation, I think they look great. Brava to you for going through with it, when you don't even like the smell of cream cheese! I have to say, I'm partial to a ricotta cheesecake, how bout you?


Simona, I must congratulate you on your adventure. I would chicken out as soon as I read the recipe. Btw, your cheesecake su bastancinos look really appealing to me!

ps: thanks to your post I know where the term we use for 'cane' in Turkish which is 'baston' comes from :)


I love the dipping sauce idea, it really takes these over the top.

If you don't care for cream cheese, check out Alpineberry's blog for her cream cheese substitution using mascarpone!


You are truly daring to make this even though you don't like cream cheese! Wonderful job on this month's challenge!

Simona Carini

Thanks Susan and Tartelette.

I am with you Marie.

Hi Burcu. I should mention that bastoncino is diminutive of bastone, meaning stick or cane.

Thanks for the link, Jenny, I will check out what Mary did.

Thanks Deborah. It was fun, even if I did not eat what I made.


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The wedge shapes are nice! I made a strawberry puree to eat with some of the leftovers tonight, the fresh fruit really cut the heaviness.


I did not even think to look for the lollipop sticks at a hardware store. I like the strawberry sauce!


Valiant effort, Simona. NY-style cheesecake was made popular back in the early 1900's by Jewish delis; Lindy's still exists to this day. The cake's texture is characteristically ultra dense and rich, often with sour cream and whipping cream in addition to the cream cheese. I used to enjoy it, but now favor cakes that are light, soft and crumbly, chiefly the Italian ricotta cake with bits of candied citron.


Will do, Peter, though I have a post lined up that needs to beat a deadline, then I will write six random things about me.

Hi Lisa. It sounds like the berry complement idea was a winner.

Hi Kevin. It is a hardware store that has a good selection of kitchen items.

Thank you so much Susan for the information on the name. I agree with you about using ricotta and in fact I am planning to do it soon.


Ho letto qualcosa di questa iniziativa da elga di semi di papavero e la cosa mi ha incuriosito moltissimo: era la prima volta che ne sentivo parlare.
Deve essere stata una bella esperienza.


Stupenda la foto: rende ancora di più la sfiziosità di questa versione di un classico


You managed to do a great job with a challenge that didn't appeal to you... *that* is the hallmark of a daring baker. I love your little cake-slice shaped pops.


Ciao Simona!

Sai stavo pensando, "How do you say lollipop stick in Italian" ... bastoncino!!!

Well done!


Wow! Great job!



Ciao Lenny. Daring Bakers e' interessante: ogni mese una ricetta diversa.

Thanks Dolores. I actually like that about the challenge: it makes you do things you would not do on your own.

Ciao Ivonne, grazie.

Thanks Paz!


What a great story. Your poor husband (ha ha). At least his mission turned out to be a success. Personally, I love NY-style cheesecake, so I would have been an enthusiastic consumer of your pops! The berry sauce was a wonderful idea and sounds delish.


The interaction with my husband was really funny. I think the chocolate cover and the berry sauce were a nice complement to the cheesecake.

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