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March 05, 2008


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What a tag team you two are! haha. Great dishes, both. Glad you are joining us :)


Great minds do think a like! Both of you making the same dish! and a traditional, delicious one at that! A fantastic addition to our "Festa Italiana" Thank You!!


mmmmmm Mamma mia!!!!! :)(vorrei mettere anche questa esclamazione in senso "acquolinoso" nel tuo dizionario ^_^)
I do love this dish!!!


An interesting NY Times article and an amusing debate about a pasta dish.

I would assume with onions & garlic absent, very good quality sauce would have to be used.

I'll be on the lookout for this type of bacon.


You know, I really do miss bacon in all it's varieties...sigh...but I live vicariously through others words and feasts nowadays.

I often wonder why meals don't look nearly as good as they taste...words suffice in this case!

Simona Carini

Our pleasure, Maryann. We had fun preparing for this.

You are welcome, Marie.

Provero' ad inserire qualche esclamazione nelle registrazioni: buona idea!

You are right, Peter, there is an interesting subtlety of flavor here.

Hi Lucy. Food photography is hard, especially when your dish cannot be made to wait, like this one.


Quel guanciale deve essere spettacolare! Ho mangiato i bucatini proprio ad Amatrice ed è un sapore che non dimentico. Un abbraccio


As you mentioned in your comment to me, this was fun. I'll have to try making the pasta without even the onion, as you did.

Your guanciale looks peppered; is that traditional for guanciale, do you think? Mine was not.


That sounds excellent! I won't even tell you what I put in my (bastardized) version... Maybe I should call it something else, hehehe

Simona Carini

Ciao Alex. Sono contenta di averlo trovato. Io non sono mai stata ad Amatrice.

Hi Lisa. Guanciale is made in many parts of Italy and I expect regional differences in the curing process. In my area of origin, the meat is rubbed with salt and pepper.

I won't ask you, Katie.

Bellini Valli

This spaghetti dish is perfect for the event. We are all going to be busting at the seams:D


What a great looking pasta dish. Is the guanciale available up here?

Lori Lynn

So glad I could hear you pronounce guanciale!

Simona Carini

I am afraid so, Valli: there will be a lot of food.

I looked for it recently at Roy's but did not see it. Maybe if we ask them, they may get it.

It's a nice-sounding word, I have to say, Lori Lynn.


I cannot believe you found guanciale! I have been looking for it for quite some time. Thank you Simona.


Mmmm....quanto sono buoni i bucatini all'amatriciana! :P

Da me c'è il risultato del concorso :)

Simona Carini

Ciao Andrea. Now you know where to go.

Grazie Baol. Sono proprio buoni.


Hi there! I see you've had food and fiction carnivals in the past, and this post of yours reminds me of the perfect Amatriciana pasta, according to a thug in Giampiero Rigosi’s Night Bus, which I excerpted here:
If you ever cook this one up, please send a bit to us! :-)

Simona Carini

Thanks for your comment, Fëanor: I enjoyed reading the post. It sounds like Garofano is quite opinionated about amatriciana. I am not sure I would want to have a discussion with him.


Love the recipes here.

Cook Your Life

Simona, This entry has really made me consider the versatility of the humble spaghetti. I will be making this as a supper to make me smile during an otherwise dull working week. Unfortunately i will have to substitute the guanciale for simple pancetta, as I'm unable to get it in these parts of the world.

Simona Carini

If you have some spaghetti in your pantry, you'll always be able to make dinner. Even with the simplest of dressing, a plate of spaghetti is very satisfying. I hope you try the recipe and it is all right to use pancetta, if that is what you can find. I have another spaghetti recipe that I am planning to post soon, so stay tuned.

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