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January 17, 2008


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This is one of my favorite pasta dishes. It's not terribly diet-friendly no matter what diet you're on, but I'd splurge on it still once in a while!


SUCH an interesting post - so many "traditions" turn out to be just a few decades old, and I'm amazed to find spaghetti alla carbonara amongst them


Bellini Valli

Looks like I missed the day to celebrate Italian cuisine by making carbonara. Then again I don't need a special day to recreate this wonderful classic pasta dish!!!!


Ooooh that sounds soooo good! I love Carbonara! I won't even pretend that I can get the right ingredients here. I'm going to have to drive to Italy... Yup, I'm going to have to do that!


We ARE on the same wave, Simona! I was just reading the ItChefs and am going to post on their no no list :)


Sono ottimi, però devono essere fatti bene, altrimenti sono un po' pesanti :)

Are very very good, but have to be done well otherwise are difficult to digest


Oh, that pasta looks beautiful! And I so appreciated all the great details in your post. I must try your carbonara.

Lori Lynn

Hi Simona - I don't think I ever told you that my dogs start to bark when they hear you pronounce the words, maybe they understand...and want a bite?
I love this dish, thanks for the post.


I haven't indulged in carbonara(or Alfredo)in years and years, so smitten I am with red sauces. Now that I see just how simple it is to make, I will have to buy a hunk of pecorino, a cheese I sorely neglect in favor of Reggiano.

Simona Carini

Kalyn, I agree with you: this is a dish for a special day of indulgence.

Joanna, I was a bit surprised myself.

Valli, you are right: this is a dish for any day that we want to make special.

I am afraid so, Katie. Let us know when you do that.

Maryann, that no-no list is interesting and I will reference it soon.

You are right Baol.

Definitely, Lisa, even more so now that you can get guanciale.

No, Lori Lynn, you had not told me about your dogs' reaction to my voice. That is really interesting.

Parmigiano is my favorite cheese too, so I cannot blame you. But pecorino is perfect for certain occasions, carbonara being one of them.


Yum! Yum! Yum!

Paz (who's glad you make it your way) ;-)


Ciao Simona!
That's really bad, I didn't know about the International Italian Cuisine day!!!!! But, Lucas loved spaghetti alla carbonara when I made them for him.. maybe I will repeat at some point, against my vegetarian leaning these times. :)


di versioni della carbonara se ne vedono e sentono di tutti i colori...tanto stravolte che alla fine di carbonara rimane solo il nome!
Io concordo per la linea originale, concedendo delle variazioni solo sul guanciale (uso anche la pancetta) e sul formato della pasta (uso anche le penne rigate)...mi gai fatto venire una voglia!!! :p



italian food is so honest and soul-satisfying, it ought to be celebrated with gusto.

since i turned vegetarian, i was surprised to discover the large variety of good vegetarian food italian cuisine offers.


I like this GVCI mission. Thanks for letting us know about that.

Oh, I wish I could get some guanciale! This is one of my favorite pastas.

Simona Carini

Thank you, Paz.

Every once in a while it is a great treat, Marta. I am not surprised Lucas loved it.

Ciao Donatella. Come si dice qui alle volte ci mettono anche il kitchen sink.

I like the adjective you used, Bee, honest and soul-satisfying.

I hope you can get some pancetta, if not guanciale, Jeni.

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