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November 29, 2007


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I love every type of cheese, and I agree, cheese with pears sounds like the perfect marriage of flavors. Fabulous! Your trip sounds so wonderful too.


I love these photos, Simona. And pears with cheese - yum!


The glories of Italian architecture! I'd love to kick around that well, too. Beautiful travelogue, Simona. Your suggestion of aged goat cheese with pears is marvelous, w/ or w/o wine.


I also love cheese and miss certain kinds here. The trip was really great: I am afraid I have more photos coming from that quarter.

Thanks, Christine: yum, indeed!

It's really a cool place, Susan. The whole town is.


I've heard of that saying! We're friends with the folks that run Ballooning in Tuscany - and I've read it on their website a few times.
Pears still have the #1 spot for my favorite fruit. And I certainly wish we could get some decent pecorino around here..

Jann Mumford

One of the most memorable things we ate on this last trip to IT was cheese and pears~we devoured it at every opportunity we could and even went to the grocery to buy the fruit/cheese and have it in or rooms for a snack! Of course, we always downed it with whatever wine we picked up that day-it is a delicious marriage of foods.I am going to look thru my photos to see if I can find the name of the restaurant in Orvieto for you~my mother fell in the Duomo there`I know the town well!


Bella cartolina: dovresti inviarne altre.


I've eaten pears with yogurt but not cheese. It sounds like a lovely first course for next summer... when we have pears again!


I've never heard of this pairing before. Now I have. ;-)

I love all the duomos.


Susan from Food Blogga

Oh, I have such wanderlust after reading your entries!


A version I definitely love includes a touch of honey spread over cheese and pears. Delightful!


Hi Kevin. I can get very good goat cheese here, but not pecorino. With my parents we used to buy it from the sheepherder: it was amazing.

Hi Jann. That's a great take on cheese and pears: you can bring them to the hotel room and snack on them whenever you need. Oh my, your mother must not have a good memory of Orvieto.

Grazie Lenny: ce ne sono altre e pian piano le pubblichero'.

I am glad Katie I gave you a suggestion for using your pears. I am looking forward to some posts about his next summer.

Hi Paz: I am glad I brought this up, then. With the Holidays coming up, a plate of cheese and pears makes for a great party dish.

Hi Susan: I am aware I am tempting readers with my photos. View them as suggestions for your next trip.

Great suggestion, Carolina: thanks! I will add it to the post. Honey adds another set of nuances to the combination.


I was there!!! Simona, when I was in Italy in the summer of 2000 we visited Orvieto one night and we went to the church. It was so beautiful. Great memories!

anna maria

The explanation I was taught for the formaggio con le pere saying, was that if the farmer knew how good a pairing it was he would eat all your pears (assuming he was a farmer who worked your land and not his). This is a more cynical view of matters.
In any case I love pears and parmigiano particularly.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

The next time I pair cheese with pears, I will think of your sweet blog post and share the saying with my guests...


Hi Ivonne, I am glad my post evoked nice memories.

Ciao Anna Maria. I am thinking that for the longest time most farmers usually someone else's land, so your explanation has historical roots. Pears and parmigiano is another great pairing.

Thanks, Lori Lynn!

Laurie Constantino

Simona, I love stories about local sayings, and this is a very good one. The ambiguity makes it more interesting. As for cheese and pears, it is one of those perfect pairings -- since I tried it, it's hard for me to eat pears without cheese. Gorgonzola dolce and pears are particularly good. I also enjoyed your description of the church as I could imagine myself being there quite easily. Thank you!


Great post, Simona :)I've heard this saying, but I always believed that the peasants already knew.Thanks for investigating it!


Thanks, Laurie: indeed, pears and gorgonzola dolce are delightful together.

Thanks, Maryann. Unfortunately we don't have the story from the peasants' perspective.


Oh how I love Orvieto! I've been there several times and enjoyed the wine, the pears and the cheese . . . but I've never heard this saying before. Thank you for showing me a whole new facet to one of my favorite places in the world!


You are more than welcome, Lia. I think it is great when something I write sets in motion pleasant memories in my readers.


We always heard "Non dire al vile vilano, quanto e' buono la pera con il parmigiano."

Simona Carini

Thanks Harold for the information: I must admit I had never heard that saying. I know, however, that pears and parmigiano is a delicious pairing.


ogni parte d'italia usa mangiare il formaggio con la frutta, quello più conosciuto è con le pere, da noi oltre le pere il pecorino si accompagna con uva nera e anche con anguria. ciao

Simona Carini

Ciao Andrea. Devo ammettere che non ho mai provato il pecorino con l'uva o con l'anguria: sono combinazioni che mi incuriosiscono.

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