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October 11, 2007


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Those zucchine are amazing! I'd love to try them. And your recipe sounds delicious. I must try cooking with marjoram; that's one herb I almost never have used -- don't know why not.


Great entry! I'd love to try those long zucchini or the zucchini leaves. I have marjoram in my garden but didn't realize it went well with zucchini.


The zucchini that I see in the markets tend to be long and skinny, totally unlike the ones I planted in my garden - from seeds I bought locally....
What a lovely, simple recipe - love all the marjoram.


What a great veggie this is...and you are correct about saving the flower-oh, stuffed with some cheese and herbs or just fried ,coated in a well seasoned batter-what a wonderful meal! See you in Cortona next week.....

Simona Carini

Hi Lisa: I planted marjoram and fell in love with it, so now I try it with different vegetables.

Hi Kalyn: I tried the pasta with tenerumi during my preious visit to Palermo and it was good.

Hi Katie: I planted three kinds of zucchini in my garden and they are all different. The variations within the zucchini realm is quite wide.

Indeed, Jann, a wonderful meal. See you there!


I've never seen a long zucchini like that - I learned something today!


Your zucchine recipe sounds simply fabulous. Those Sicilian zucchine are wild looking!


Tutto bene? Ti leggo regolarmente e spero ti stia godendo il soggiorno. Mai viste quelle zucchine larghe!! Un abbraccio

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Hi Simona - I, too, enjoy zucchini. I like to cut it in long slices and cook it under the broiler with olive oil. I will try it with marjoram for a change from thyme. Thanks for the idea! Great post.

the chocolate lady

Here in New York, I have heard those big squash called gooGOOts, so I imagine in standard Italian they would be Cuccuzza, or cuccuzzo, or cuccuzze.


I love this zucchine recipe your way!


Simona Carini

Hi Kevin: I have seen this kind of zucchini only in Sicily.

Indeed, Jeni, they are wild.

Ciao Alex, tutto bene. Sono appena tornata negli USA e sono in arretrato su tutti i fronti.

You are welcome, Lori Lynn: I hope you will like marjoram.

Hi Eve. Cocuzza or cucuzza is a popular name for squash, close to the Latin cucurbita. In the Sicilian cookbook I got, the zucchini in the photo is called cucuzzeda. Cocuzza or cucuzza are also used to refer to the head.

Hi Paz: thanks!


This sounds like a simple and tasty way to cook zuchini.

Simona Carini

Hi Kevin, it is. Too bad we are now going towards a zucchini-less season.


Hello, my Dad is an old school Sicilian and every summer he made this oustandind dish, Pasta con Tenerumi, the leaves of the zucchini. It had a tasty broth with tomatos and garlic, but I have never been able to dupilcate it, because I was never handed down the recipe. Would anyone have a recipe to share with me?

Simona Carini

Hi Frank and thanks for visiting. Let me know if you ever make the recipe I sent you. I remember having pasta with tenerumi the first time I visited Sicily: what a treat it was!

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