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October 21, 2007


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I've been to the same place and eaten the panelle (my favorite food in Palermo). I also love Involtini di Pesce Spada but have only eaten it here in Catania. The way you've described it sounds exactly the same as what I had in one of my favorite restaurants here, Sicilia in Bocca ( http://www.siciliainbocca.it/ )


Lovely sounding meal in nice historical place. I'd love to be there. ;-)



Oh, that sounds so wonderful! It's been a few years since we've been to Italy...time to go back for some proper Italian food!


Simona, thank you for sharing some of the tastes and terrains during your travels.

It was good of you to participate in WHB on such a short turnaround upon your return home. Thank you.


Did your husband remember to have that gelato for me? ;)

anna maria

Several years ago I spent 4 days in Palermo with my 'palermitano' husband (now ex), and what I remember, aside from how beautiful Palermo is, is that in such a short time we couldn't possible eat all the delicious food we wanted to eat!


I've been to Palermo but I know I had nothing to eat as wonderful as this! I must go again. Everything you described sounds fantastic. Hope you had a perfect trip.

Simona Carini

Hi Nicole. I have to admit I have not had panelle, because I cannot eat fried food, but I know they are good.

Hi Paz: I hope you can visit it some time soon.

You are not that far, Katie, so maybe you should go.

My pleasure, Susan. The biggest issue was the internet connection.

Dear Maryann, my husband did not forget to have some gelato for you: stracciatella (vanilla gelato with pieces of dark chocolate) and pinolata (pine nuts). What do you think? I am planning to write a post about my husband and gelato during this trip, so stay tuned.

Ciao Anna Maria. Indeed, it is not possible to taste everything available in a short time. I wanted very much to have some reginelle again, and I did (I hope to add a photo to the post I wrote about them), but some other things that were on my wish list are still there, for my next visit.

Hi Kalyn. We had a fun trip. I hope you get to visit Sicily again and taste some of the traditional dishes.


Oh yes! That's more than fine! Sounds delicious:)


This is elegant and gorgeous Simona. Great entry!

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Mouthwatering! I can't wait to try swordfish this way. And I can pronounce it too, thanks to you :)


This sounded like a place that I need to visit on my next journey-Palermo must have been wonderful to see again. We so much enjoyed spending the time we had with you and your hubby in Cortona-our old legs and muscles were sore the next day!

Simona Carini

Hi Maryann: indeed, it was.

Thanks Lucy.

Hi Lori Lynn: swordfish is actually my favorite fish and I can eat it prepared pretty much in any way. The involtini were a new experience, and a great one.

Hi Jann and welcome back. Cortona has indeed a rather steep ascent to the top of the hill. I hope the rest of your trip was fun.


Sicily is on our MUST DO list!
It's an amazing place for culture, tradition, food, nature...
And your beautiful descriptions just make it more attractive! ^_=
Enjoy your time dear! ^_^
kusje ^.^


Oh, my, those involtini look scrumptious. And I love the photo of the fish market. And now I want to try panelle. Thanks for sharing.


Simona - these look appetitosi! I am not a big fan of spada, but I could certainly eat it this way. I will try it.


Simona - these look so delicious!! I've been to Sicily twice never in Palermo though! I adore pesce spada and ate it nearly everyday:)

Simona Carini

Hi Fabdo: it was certainly an interesting visit and I would like to go back and see more of the island. I was in the southern portion many years ago and have good memories.

Panelle are sold everywhere in Palermo. Lisa, can you get chickpea flour in your area? If so, I have a recipe for panelle.

Hi Jeni. I hope you get to try them and become a fan of pesce spada. Let me know.

Hi Lorraine. I adore pesce spada too, either simply grilled or with tomato, olives and capers. I can imagine eating it often.


sei stata anche a Palermo? Mi devi raccontare del tuo mese italiano. Anche io sono tornata, sono stata benissimo. Dobbiamo anche riprendere il discorso della rubrica. Sentiamoci per email. Baci!

Simona Carini

Si', per tre giorni. Mi fa piacere sapere che sei stata bene. Ti scrivo presto. Baci.

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