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September 26, 2007


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I try very hard not to have leftover risotto - mainly because, if I did I would eat it for luch the next day and a try to have a light lunch. Now you're tempting me with this....Rats, I'm going to have to try it.... Risotto this weekend!


What a beautiful way to write a recipe and what a delicious way of having risotto... left over and crunchy! thank you for your entry! this is going to be a hard decision! beautiful work!


Nice post Simona. We hardly ever ate rice growing up. It was always pasta. Maybe because my grandparents came from the south. I learned risotto when I was older too and I love it. I will have to try this with my leftovers. I usually make arancini.


Let me know if you succumb to the temptation and try it, Katie: I hope you will like it.

You are welcome Elizabeth: I am glad you like my contribution.

Hi Maryann. I had a similar experience: risotto is a northern Italian tradition. I will introduce my husband to arancini when we visit Palermo next month.


NOW I can hear the "s"! Mr. Batali really gets into the zzzz's. Thanks Simona! ;)


Delicious Risotto al salto! This is what I consider comfort food: simple, generous and soul feeding! ^_^

kus ^.^


A perfect plan for leftover rice! Most times it's anything but appealing once it cools and clumps. BTW, I saw a post of yours on NPR recently. Well done, Simona.


Hi Simona,

this is a great leftover idea for risotto...noted!

Lori Lynn at Taste With The Eyes

Hi Simona - I was making Egg Foo Young the other day, your post reminds me that it is like a frittata. I made it jump up and land on the other side. But, it was also a bit too big to make a nice landing.

I will definitely make risotto al salto with my leftovers now too. Thanks!


You are welcome, Christine.

Fabdo, I agree about the comfort food. In fact, I will write about more items in that category as I have some funny stories to relate.

Hi Susan and thanks. Risotto is truly a 'serve immediately' dish. It is nice to have an appealing use for the rare leftovers.

Thanks Peter.

You are welcome, Lori Lynn. Making a frittata flip perfectly is very satisfying, but I try to make sure my chances of succeeding are high before I try.


Oh, Simona -- that little "frittata" looks so delicious. I clicked on the photo to look at the large version and I could almost taste the crunchy, creamy goodness! Thank you for a great idea. And about the leek, too. I've not made risotto with leeks and I must try it.


Thanks, Simona, for this great recipe. Because Risotto is a favorite I rarely have leftovers. Next time, I will make extra - just so that I can try this.

Simona Carini

Hi Lisa. Indeed, that's the idea, under the delicate crust the risotto is soft. Let me know if you like the risotto with leeks.

You are welcome Adam. Yours sounds like a good plan.


I got here through Risotto relay round-up. Wonderful entry! What a great idea! I am gonna have to try this soon!

Simona Carini

Hi Zlamushka and welcome! Your mushroom risotto will taste great al salto, in case you have any leftovers.

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