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June 26, 2007


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I love hearing those Italian words, and love the saying "like parsley" for someone who's always present. Parsley seeds take a very long time to sprout, especially if you don't soak them first, but I'm guessing you will have parsley soon. If you neglect it a bit at the end of the season and let it go to seed, it will come up again in the spring.

I know what you mean. I hate buying parsley too, since I get it from the garden so much of the year.


you are correct~we always have to buy such large bunches of parsley. I feel so much goes to waste!Good luck with the garden~


I love that phrase: "Like parsley." And you have a wonderful voice; it's nice to be able to hear the pronunciations.

I'm growing parsley, too! I have three big pots on the patio, filled with herbs. It's so great to be able to just go out the back door and pick some when I'm cooking.

Simona Carini

I am glad you all like the expression 'like parsley': it is a fun one. I wish I had known about soaking the seeds before scattering them! And now I also know that I need to be patient. Today four of the green beens I planted have sprouted so I am more hopeful about the future of my garden in general.

anna maria

I'm glad you reminded me to plant some in my garden. Whenever I want it, which is often, I'm either out of it, or it has turned yellow in the fridge.
You also reminded me of that little bunch of parsley, carrot and celery from the "verdumaio". Nice memories.


This is one of my favorite Italian words. I like the way it rolls off the tongue. ;-) Your garden plants look terrific.



Oh parsley lovers! You must discover Persian cooking. Typical recipes of gorma sabzi call for large amounts of parsley. Also, when I worked as a chef, we used a TON of parsley, daily, boxes of it.... for garnish ;-0


I loved the saying "like parsley." Parsley is one of the main ingredients of Turkish cuisine, too, and we also have saying "maydanoz olmak" which might literary translate as "to be parsley." We'd use that for someone who interferes in everything.

Simona Carini

I love the word "verdumaio" Anna Maria: you can almost smell the green goodies sold in the store.
Thanks Paz for your compliment: last night my husband installed a small irrigation system so when we leave on Sunday for a week my plants can still get water.
Dear Jeff, I didn't know Persian cuisine was also part of your repertoire. If I understand correctly gorma sabzi is a kind of stew. Do you know there is a Persian restaurant on Center Street in Berkeley? I have never been there but I was told it is very good.
Thanks Burcu for your contribution: isn't it interesting to find connections between languages and cultures, especially through food items? I love it!


I take parsley for granted. Should have use them more often, thanks for the reminder, cheers !:)


I do the same in my herb garden. - plant lots of seeds, which take forever to germinate, then put in 1 or 2 plants from the nursery to tide me over until they get big.

Simona Carini

Shirley, using parsley in a recipe by itself may work as a reminder of how flavorful it is.
Katie, it is good to hear that I am on the right track with my newbie herb garden. Now that I have a grown plant and a number of babies I feel very hopeful. It is all in a small scale, including the tiny water emitter that my husband installed for me, which spreads the water all around.
Thanks for visiting!

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